Saturday, October 1, 2016


 Bright and early in the morning, Miles got his jaundice test.

My breakfast. I ate it all too and was still hungry.

Then it was time to start getting Miles dressed and ready to leave. Dave came after dropping Ella off at preschool.

We made it home!

We put Miles in his crib for the first time.
Poly missed me!

Beth printed some pictures of Miles and put some notes about his stats. Then laminated the sheet. Ella got to share it with her friends. She was so proud.

My cushion for sitting!

Poly again!

Ella loves Miles.
 Ella held Miles. She was so excited.

Dave was watching the Steeler game. Miles has a Steelers onesie on!
Little guy sleeps with 2 swaddles.


  1. Love Ella with Miles, so sweet!! Why two swaddles?

    1. He was too cold otherwise. His stretches of sleep at night improved greatly when I added the 2nd blanket. (sometimes during the day as seen here he has 2 swaddle blankets but at night he has a swaddle sack + blanket swaddle.