Thursday, February 2, 2017


I barely slept and it was my own fault*. I was so tired.   Dave knocked over the gate when leaving so that woke Ella up. She was lying in bed with me. I offered her my ipad. I kept falling asleep and she'd tell me to wake up. At least I had until 8:40 when Miles woke up before I had to handle 2 kids when tired. I was trying to get Ella dressed before he woke but that failed.    Ella wanted breakfast.

Dave said he was done with PT so he said he could come back and get her. He asked if I could have her ready. Yea right. If I could have her ready, we would have been ready.  She really wanted to eat and not get ready.   Dave came in and ate a bowl of cereal and then they left.
It took awhile to get Miles to fall asleep even though he was tired once they left.  He slept from 10-10:50  then from 11:20-12:20.  I don't remember what I did but I know he was on me for a little bit at the beginning of each nap so I didn't really have all that time. I worked on renting the MVCC and also eating and planning.

Then at 1:45 when he slept, I fell asleep in the chair. I slept a full 1.5 hours before waking up to realize how stiff I was. If I had planned to sleep I would have reclined. Well after that long sleeping I figured he'd just wake up if I moved him so I went back to sleep too.   I slept another hour. Then he slept another half hour. He did sort of wake up in the middle and nurse a little half asleep for a few minutes and then go right back to sleep.

Then we had to get Ella. I got to school and she was so happy. She didn't notice me. She was running. I heard her say she was running as fast as she could. She didn't know I was there even after I called for her and waved.  But after they were done racing she noticed when we said hi to her.
Miles cried the entire way in the car.   As soon as we got home, Ella was starving. Miles was starving. Ella wanted cereal. I gave her a bowl and went to nurse. Miles was almost asleep when she came running in saying she needed cereal. Sadly I never got him back to sleep. I thought she probably was telling me she needed more cereal but still had half a bowl like normal. I went out to give her more and she 100% finished it. She even drank all the milk. She had another bowl and did the same thing. She almost finished her 3rd bowl but the mac n cheese was done by that point so she started eating that.  Miles was not so much a happy camper during this time but I needed to get her to have food.

 As soon as Dave got home near 7:30, he swaddled Miles and I did my night time nursing. Well he would fall asleep then wake up and repeat. So it was a long time to get him to sleep for good.  It was 9 PM before I was actually out of there.
Then I hung out with Ella a bit.  I was doing my knee exercises and she was joining in but then she kept trying to leap and flip over me. That wasn't so good.
Then it was bed time for her starting at 9:30. She was talking about her baby doll and all this stuff. Her baby had to go poop in the potty then she had to dump it out in the toilet. I let her but then she even flushed. Sigh.   After awhile I told her I was leaving because I had to finish eating dinner. She insisted she was hungry. I tried to give her some goldfish to just eat in bed. She did not like that idea. She insisted she needed "real food" and "dinner." Then she found an apple sauce pouch and ate it all. She wanted another and ate all that.  It was 10:30 by this point. I guess she was hungry.  But then it was a rather late night.

I snacked. I submitted paperwork for renting the MVCC. I did a few other planning things on the computer.  I was doing this while snacking.  Then I went into bed and snacked more on jelly beans and used my computer a little.  I wrote a blog post about 1 kid vs 2 kids and it was after midnight by this point. I actually got tired so I hurried up and closed my laptop to go to sleep before a 2nd wind came.

*I was up until 4 AM. I was so wide awake.  I watched Netflix and I didn't fall asleep like I usually do. I finished the series though.

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