Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Ella slept on the floor again!

Ella got ready for school. She wanted a scarf.

Ella often gets on the scale in the morning. I think she saw us do it so much that she does it. She doesn't often stand without touching something though.
Once Ella was at school, it was time for Costco.

Poly likes me.
I took some pics and videos for an upcoming challenge group. Then I did lower fix.

I picd Ella up from school and was shocked that she still had the scarf on.

On the way home, Ella opens her lunch box and eats some stuff she didn't eat.

We moved Ella's table so she could eat and watch TV.
Ella played in the lego container.

This doesn't seem to be how she's supposed to be sleeping!

Ella woke up with a fever. That was under her arm!

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