Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A day in the life ... (7.2.17)

9:45 PM My alarm goes off to tell me to give Ella a warning for bed time. I snooze the alarm 3 times then turn it off.
We were organizing the pictures she drew for her friends and I was trying to write messages to them. She kept saying she didn't know what to say. She just wanted to draw even more for them.  She wanted to give away the friendship bracelets she recently found so she wanted to mail those too.  She has an envelope for Mary and one for Arya. I have a third envelope. I thought we'd send it to preschool or someone else she wanted but we never got that far
10:23 We start recording messages to send to preschool friends. Then a few other messages.

10:30 We finally head upstairs. We talk to Dave on the way up to let him know it's bedtime. She wanted me to carry her upstairs. I did and it really hurt my knee. Bedtime routine went horribly. She did not want to go potty. Then she did not want to brush her teeth. Then she did not rinse. She broke her tooth brush.
10:50 still in bathroom with teeth brushing
I finally text Dave to get him upstairs. Usually he is already up so then I force Ella along.
11:00 Dave does Daniel Tiger with Ella but because she wanted me to do it earlier I made a deal that I'd just tickle her back for 1 minute while she watched with Dave.  We did that and I left.  I went and used my computer and snacked on Swedish Fish.    I meant to blog but did very little of that. I was too tired to think but not tired enough to fall asleep. I needed to wind down.  I added to my to-do list things we had to do. I thought of things then promptly forgot.  I also texted with Divya. I talked to my mom and dad a bit too. They were tired too.

Decide to do a photo booth challenge with Divya so that we both get a move on it. We say 60 pages in July. I said let's end it August 5 instead of July 31.   We both get behind and don't work on our photo books so we can hope we motivate each other.

12:21 With my computer out  I fell asleep.
12:22 Miles woke up. This startled me and I flailed my arms into the air.  Dave had just come to bed at this point. He fell asleep doing the rest of Ella's bedtime routine with her.
I get Miles.
12:26 - 12:44 I nurse. He fell asleep while nursing but continued to nurse a bit.   I then put him in his crib.
I go to bed and go to sleep.
1:36 AM Miles wakes up
1:39-1:55 - I nurse again. I fell asleep while nursing and so did he.
 I go to bed and go to sleep

6:52 Miles woke up and woke me up, I went in and got him and nursed.

7:03 AM Diaper Change

Deer in the backyard! Brushed my teeth. Noticed I leaked so I changed my shirts.

7:13 decide to start post. Bring Miles to spare room to start post. But since I sit at computer, I try to upload pictures because everything I sit I try to get pictures from my phone to my computer.  That takes time. There are at least 583 new pictures so those are working. But there's also another new folder so I will worry about that next time.

Type blog post up to this point while Miles plays on the floor. He found some instructions so I'm constantly looking at him to see if he eats it. He's sure wrinkling it it.

7:28 I go to the bathroom and leave Miles in the spare room. I leave the door open and rush over and hope he doesn't decide to crawl and leave the room and crawl down the stairs. Luckily I was quick and he didn't do that.   I come back to type more of this blog post from last night.

7:32 Post is typed. Miles is good playing with my flip flop and hoodie so I go to work on my facebook group for my upcoming plank challenge.

Miles stopped being good so I held him.

7:44 done adding people to challenge group.

7:48 weighed myself (not too happy with results)

Deleted some videos that I know are on my computer so that I will have enough room to take all the pictures throughout the day to help with this post.

7:53 nursing to combat excess leaking. He stopped nursing and I was spraying.
7:55 Diaper change
7:58 play on floor. I'm feeling quite rested compared to normal.
Fed Miles

8:01 The kitchen was a total mess. Worked on cleaning that up.

8:09 finished loading the dishwasher and ran it.
8:12 send Dave a message that he didn't clean his knife from dinner and it was hard to clean. (I'm that nice :/ )

Empty the trash can.

Moved all the groceries we bought and didn't put away to 1 counter.

8:21 Headed upstairs. Miles was too fussy. I left the kitchen floor a mess! I did wipe the table a little while holding Miles.

Diaper change

8:22 Gave Benadryl
8:26 Go to get my iphone cord because I know I'll need to be charging while I nurse if I want my phone to last with all my additional picture taking and note taking. (Take a picture of sleeping Dave while I'm at it but it ended up blurry)

Nursing Miles to sleep 8:27-8:55  Read facebook a little. Then post on some groups I'm a part of about my plank challenge. Catch up on Instagram
8:52 Almost got up. I even unplugged my phone. But then Miles stirred and started nursing again.
8:56 Crawl into bed.  Turning on my ipad to play solitaire since that always puts me to sleep.
NAP (Dave is still asleep)
11:30 Ella woke me up. She would not go bug Daddy like I pleaded. She even uncovered me. I asked where Daddy was. She said in his office. Then I asked what he's doing and she said playing his scary game.

Brushed teeth. (I felt like I needed it after my nap.)  Ella wanted a bandaid. Then she didn't want the bandaid but wanted a different bandaid.

Swept floor
Cleaned high chair tray
washed bibs
Cleaned up Ella's crafts that were on the table

Folded some clothes that were dry and rearranged some other clothes.

11:58 Put snacks away (from our shopping trip Saturday but there was no room in the messy pantry) Labeled some of the bins for now with the purchase date.

12:07 I was about to take a trip upstairs to carry stuff up and decide to look on the monitor at Miles. Well he was just sitting there awake in his crib. He was quiet.

While holding Miles tried to clean the crayon off the door frame. It was much harder than normal even with the alcohol wipe.
Diaper Change
Nursed (12:12-12:16)

12:19 Brushed my hair
Looked for my wedding rings

12:27 Ella went potty and needed me to stand there.  Miles crawled around.  Ella got mad when he touched her iPad.

 Rearranged clothes so more would dry (broken dryer so 2 loads were scattered around.)
12:39 PM

12:45 Looking for wedding rings. decide to look at photos to jog my memory.  Brought rings from my parents 5/25 so looking at tons of pics.  I went through weeks of pictures and couldn't find anything. Didn't even have any of the dining room where I put the luggage and then any of when I put it all away so not even sure what date it was.

12:57 gave up on the photo search and decided to type a bit for this post (I had up to 7:44 typed already). I didn't even start and hear Miles screaming downstairs. I put him in the pack n play by Dave. So I'll just type later and go downstairs now!

1:01 Ella is at the kitchen table watching her iPad.

1:08 diaper change

1:25 Feed kids. I decide to take Miles's shirt off so it's easier to just give him a bath after. He was pretty neat for once. ha

 Gave Miles a bath
Put ointments and lotions on Miles. Ella "helped" a little.

Looked for ring
Put clothes away
2:05 Miles opened the bottom dresser drawer
2:06 Found rings!

2:20 Ate Lunch. Went through pantry WITH DAVE so we could throw stuff away neither of us would eat anymore. Miles crawled around on the floor. My sandwich was eaten between doing things.

 2:32 only ate about 3 bites so far! Miles is eating again. Ella eats. Then Ella colors.

3:10 Benadryl to Miles

 3:12 Diaper change

Miles was so cranky and tired. I nursed him to sleep (3:13-4). He kept wanting to nurse as always for a 2nd nap. So I took a nap in the chair with him on me.  (Nap 3:20-4)

4:13 Miles peed in the potty chair.  I didn't actually think he did and was just taking him off and noticed he did in fact pee.
4:30 I get out Ella's bike and dig out her helmet so she can use her bike. It didn't go as well as it could have since the tires had pretty much no air so it was harder to use.  Ella didn't want to ride her bike in the driveway. She wanted to ride it on the back patio.  I put Miles down in the grass while I helped her ride. Then I took his picture. I wished I had my good camera so his face wasn't so dark.  Dave joined us.

4:44 Then Ella used her water squirter and shot water at things. I brought out a blanket for Miles to crawl on instead of our bird poop covered patio. Once she shot Dave in the butt she was done with that.

5:10 Fed the kids. I watched Big Brother while I was cutting fruit and feeding them. (5:55 PM)

I put Toquitos in the oven.
6:03 Sweep the floor
6:05 take some pictures of a bug thinking Timmy might want to see it.
6:08 unload the dishwasher.

While watching Master Chef, I cleaned up the kitchen. Miles sat on the floor and I kept an eye on him as he'd crawl out of the room.

6:23 Ate (Miles ate again.) (done at 7:17)

Then I cleaned up while holding Ella. She wanted me to play with her but I said I was cleaning up.
I didn't get to finish loading the dishwasher but I did get the table mostly clean though. It was time for Miles to go to sleep though. (8:02 PM)
Diaper Change
8:03 Nursing (for 23 min)

I got Miles to sleep. (8:18)
On my way downstairs, I did a 1 minute push-up test (29 modified push-ups)

8:30 Buck in our backyard. He saw me and ran.
I cleaned up.
I tried to find the gate parts.
I played with Ella (8:53)
9:02 Ella wanted oatmeal so I made that.
I dug in pics to see if I could find the gate parts. I remembered neatening up the parts from the movers one day. That was June 12. (9:18)
9:24 Found the parts in the living room in the container I thought they were in.

Installed the gate at the bottom of the steps (done at 9:45
Warn Ella about bedtime. Talk to her about how we have to do bedtime.
Cleaned up (Ella's first step in bedtime routine)
10:10 started bedtime routine upstairs with Ella.  Dave took over at 10:28 and I was able to leave the room!
Did 10 squats and 8 lunges on each leg. That was tough enough!
Changed into PJs.

10:35 Sat at my computer to load pictures and type this post. I wish loading pictures wasn't a nightmare.  It doesn't register the phone the first so many times I do it.  I'm snacking on Swedish Fish while I do this.   I got the pictures loaded and decided to check a couple dates worth to see if everything is uploaded. There are periods where I'm missing a few hundred pictures and I can't delete on my phone until I know what dates they are.

Instead of typing the day I made 2 folders of favorites from April 13 and 14 so I can start a roadtrip photobook (finished making albums at 11:23)
Put pictures into a photobook. 11 pages of pics (without organizing) and not even 2 full days worth. I don't know how 21 days will fit in the photo book with a maximum pages as 110.

Oops realized I actually am missing the last hundred or so pics from April 14. Then I spent forever trying to get them and the importing and copying things kept freezing.
12:12 finally got the pictures from the missing days 4/14 and 4/15.

12:13 Typed this post from emails to myself . Also texted with Divya
12:36 Added data based on my baby tracking app
 12:44 Then added to this post from the time stamp of pictures.
1:08 Wow finally finished typing. Going to sleep. Still need to add the pictures to this post!
1:11 Decided I couldn't just wait for pictures and made the album of all the pictures.

Realized I forgot to document something so after playing solitaire a bit I open laptop to add it in. I get distracted adding it in and schedule a post that was 99% done and I just removed some extra spaces. Then I noticed another post that should have gone up 7/1 and didn't and I fixed that one. I never actually clicked "Publish" so it had the future time and everything from 2 days ago. Oops. (3.25 and Parenting/Adulting if you are wondering)

I wasted time on facebook and looking at blog stats (1:49)  Miles usually wakes up by now. My body can tell too!  He's probably waiting until I fall asleep.
2:42 Miles woke up. He was sitting up and had taken his scratch sleeves off and scratched his face. Sure enough his benadryl wore off. I didn't give him more though.  I nursed him back to sleep and fell asleep myself. So I got him to his crib a bit after he was asleep

Miles woke up at 5:50 AM.   I'm so tired and really regretting how I stayed up late since I had 2 naps.

Ella is in bed earlier than normal and I got way more sleep than normal. So this was a much easier day than "normal" but it's a day I documented. I have watch 2 TV shows even though I maybe only watched 2 minutes of the second one and could only hear it some of the time. It was just a more relaxed day than normal. And after seeing all I typed, I can't believe this is easier than normal. Ha.


  1. I loved seeing pictures of your new house. You need to post a home tour. I can't believe how late Ella goes to bed for not napping! Once Parker gave up his nap he started going to bed at 8 and it was wonderful. I swear kids always know right when you drift off to sleep and that's when they decide to wake up. I like the deer in your yard.

    1. I took a video of the entire first floor when it was sort of clean. But I never got to posting it