Friday, August 4, 2017

Baked Zucchini and Pork Chops (8.3.11)

I made 2 new things in one night. I haven't make pork chops since probably 2007 when I set off the smoke detector.

I generally looked online for how to make my zucchini. I decided to go with the oven.

Baked Zucchini

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Cut off ends. Cut in half
put in pyrex

drizzle with olive oil (can use a brush to spread it evenly but I didn't have one. I turned them over and wiped a little to spread evenly
Add salt, pepper, garlic, and parmesan cheese.
Bake 30 minutes  or until top is golden brown and zucchini is tender.   (mine took 34 and could have been more golden)

Pork Chop

I watched a video on how to make a perfect pork chop.  It didn't say how high to cook it at or how long or much details on the searing.

The key parts were room temperature pork chops. Mine were still a little cold but not as cold as in the refrigerator.
If they are wet, dry them off with a paper towel.
Season with salt and pepper.

Put in pan and do not move. See them cooking.  Eventually flip.   Other side cooks.
Don't crowd the pan. I ended up putting 4 in and then adding 2 more just like the video.
Then start having them brown.

Dave liked it so much we don't have leftovers! And he used to tell me he didn't like pork.

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