Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Miles 11 Month Update

  • Weight: 24 lb 2 oz  - 92nd percentile  
  • Height: 31" - 97th percentile (he was impossible to measure. It was just above 30.5)
  • Head Circumference: 48 cm - 96th percentile
  • Weight/Length Percentile: 79% 
  • Diapers: Size 4
  • Clothing: I've been putting him in mostly 18 month onesies. He wears some 12 month t-shirts. Pants are 12 or 18 months. He's worn some 18 month and 2T shirts. The 18 month pants are too long but they fit better in the butt. 
  • Shoe Size: 5
  • Teeth: 6  
(stats using WHO)

Miles tends to sleep through the night now.  But he wakes up so early.  Every now and then he wakes up at midnight or at 4. I think he'll sleep in later after those wake-ups but he usually doesn't.

He eats 4 meals a day. He nurses morning, before nap, after nap, 1-2 more times, before bed, and middle of the night probably. He doesn't even try to nurse after nap anymore. He will go 6 hours during the day without nursing and be totally fine.

He loves to feed himself. If I hand him a fork with food on it, he feeds himself and gets so excited about it.

I feel like he spends 15-30 min eating breakfast but then will spend an hour at dinner.  Each meal progressively gets longer throughout the day.

Fruit seems be be his favorite. Cooked foods that we have for meals seem to be preferred over crackers or bread or something simple.

Sample Schedule:
Start bedtime routine pretty close to 8:00.  Routine is Benadryl, diaper change, and sing him ABCs while I put him in his scratch sleeves and sleep sack. Put on some ointments. Then I nurse. Asleep by 8:30.   Sleep all night or wake up 1-2 times! Wake up 5:00 for the day but maybe cat nap on me while he nurses.  Play a little, Nap (anywhere from 8 am to 11 AM start) Play. Eat breakfast,  Play.  Cranky, Nurse maybe 15 min cat nap on me. Eat. Play, Eat. Play. Eat. Sleep.
He gets Benadryl before bed at night and before nap all days.

Sometimes he's woken up before it's daylight and I get him back to his crib and I can get back to sleep briefly.

He naps 2 hours almost every single nap which is good.

Special Moments:
On July 11, Miles woke up at 4:30 AM and cried but then went back to sleep on his own.  He turned on the bath water in the master bathroom tub.  We switched to size 4 diapers since we ran out of size 3 but he was going to need to be moved up soon anyway.
On July 15, he was nursing, sat up, then spit up.
On July 17, he stood up unassisted.
On July 18, he ate cat food. Oops.
On July 19, Miles said bye to a the tree cutting truck as it went up the hill.
On July 21, he fell asleep in the strollers minutes before getting to the car.  He had his first Kennywood trip.
On July 22, he pointed.  He stood by himself for a long time.
On July 23, he can't drink from a straw again.  He climbed out of his high chair and onto the table at Pat's.
On July 25, he opened kitchen drawers and took stuff out.
On July 27, he opened his mouth and said "ahh" when I needed to fish paper out of his mouth.
On July 29, I had change him on such a high changing table that I had to use my tip toes!
On July 31, I was moving Miles and bent his arm wrong and it cracked. He cried but then got over it quickly.  He enjoyed taking kleenexes out of a box.
On August 2, he took his first steps.
On August 4, he rode on the red push car for the first time.  He said "ah ah ah" like the count after I counted.
On August 7, he played peek-a-boo for the first time himself.

He reaches for things he really wants and war cries like crazy. Pretty much I can't have a drink at the dinner table or he wants it. He's super persistent. 

He stands all the time holding onto to something. He cruises around everything. He opens drawers now. He loves to close doors. He crawls with speed.

He definitely wakes up when sleeping, sits up, and goes back to sleep. I've seen it a few times on the monitor. 

Miles has taken 1-2 steps a few times now. 

Miles has said a few more words. I think he's spoken a few sentences here or there too. He tends to say something new and say it a few times then not say it again for awhile. He said Bye Bye to my parents when they were leaving. 

Other Tidbits:
He likes to be standing and cruising along furniture or walls. Just being upright is his favorite now.
He likes to open kitchen cupboards and drawers and just take things out.
He likes to be the weights in bench pressing and overhead extensions (while lying down).
He likes me around. I better not be putting him down or walking away.
He likes to eat!
He likes to talk.
He likes to play.
He likes Ella!
He likes to help give himself Benadryl and even suck the medicine out of the dropper. Then likes to disassemble the dropper.
He likes to be held on my left hip.
He likes to dance and likes music in general.
He likes his toys that play music.
He likes to try to get anything that he should not have.
He likes to take stuff out of the shopping cart when we are at the store.
He likes to swing.

He doesn't like being itchy!
He doesn't like when we put the scratching sleeves on him.
He doesn't like when I put him down on his changing table.
He hates when I try to change his diaper on the floor.
He hates when he wants to go to sleep but I have to put him on the changing table first.
He does not like it if I talk while he's nursing. If I yell because Ella is calling me that is even worse.
He doesn't like to nurse with any distractions.
He hates when I leave the room. I also better not be walking away from him.
He doesn't want anyone but me to greet him when he wakes up.
He hates a bath so bad that his last 4 baths he never even had more than his feet in the water.

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 12 hours 2 minutes  (722 minutes) (increase from 593)
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 30 (increase from 26. All but 1 day)
Days with a sleep greater than 6 hours: 25
(According to the internet sleeping through the night is considered sleeping 5-6 straight hours.)
Days with sleep greater than 8 hours: 16 
Diapers used (from August 1-11): 6.1 per day 
Time spent nursing (from August 1-11): 161 minutes (2:41) per day  
Time spent sleeping (from August 1-11): 13.2 hours per day
Doctor Visits: 0 
Illnesses: 0

Favorite Toys
standing toy
exersaucer standing on the outside and making the teapot make noise
musical instruments
toy food
Little house that plays music when you do different things.
toy remote
toy ipod
toy smart phone
remotes (These are not toys and we try to keep them away)
my phone (It is not a toy and we try to keep it away)
cords (These are not toys and we try to keep them away)

Favorite Songs
ABCs -- This song is his favorite by far!

Favorite Books
none yet 

Other Tidbits
I give Miles benadryl at 8 PM, 8 AM, and 2 PM daily. 

I've been playing music more for Ella and Miles and they both like it.  

I haven't even tried to have him nap without his sleep sack. I want to try but then never do. He naps pretty well and I'm worried I'll ruin that.

Now not only does he like to nurse while holding his afghan but he likes to hold my little pillow I like to put behind my head to make myself more comfortable while nursing.

My Recovery
My knee hurts a bit. I'm probably getting too used to it.  I'm not sleeping nearly what I should be. I never get a break. It is really tough being ON all the time.

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