Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5 Mile Run - North Park (8.9.11)

I met Kelly at North Park at 6:15 AM today to run. It was so hard to wake up. I kept fearing I'd be late so kept waking up all throughout the night thinking it was time to wake up.

The satellites on my GPS would not load so we ran a few minutes w/o my data. I added it to the end of the splits. Based on how fast we went when it started working, I made educated guesses. Also knowing the loop is a little over 5, I just assumed it was 5.  We might have even gone faster.

Kelly said around 3 miles I was killing her.  But you see, I thought she was killing me.  She was a half step ahead of me and I had to keep pushing to keep up with her.  

This is my fastest North Park Run yet and we talked almost the entire time.  (5 yet, I mean this year. I am not 100% sure if I beat it last year or not. I will have to analyze.) My 5k time was slightly faster than it is but I missed out on my data at the beginning so it's really my time from about .4 to 3.5.
The satellites didn't even work right at first
Stopped at one point to stretch. 
Here's the screen shot of our splits and you can see the 2 I added a the bottom. I made it similar to our first timed .25 even though it was faster according to Kelly.  The 2:21 was up a bad hill. The 2:20 right before it was on the level. I pushed (Kelly pushed harder) and we didn't drop that much.  2:23 was on the downhill. We were getting tired.

I'm hoping these runs help me in Colorado. I'm helping they convince me to sign up for the Philly Marathon.  Should I do it? 

It was still dark at 6 and slightly dark at 6:15. It was so hard to start so early.
We ran counterclockwise today. I like that way. Kelly normally runs clockwise and she didn't like counterclockwise. I usually run ccw and didn't like when we ran cw.  It's all what we are used to.

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