Sunday, August 28, 2011

5 Miles - 8.28.11

You'll never guess what I did this morning unless your guess is run 5 miles at North Park but counter clockwise instead of clockwise.

This is my fastest run at North Park this year that includes the hill. It may even be the fastest but one other time the Garmin didn't turn on right away and we guessed what the speed was.  Last year I used to consistently run at 45 minutes for the 5 mile loop (running through the boathouse instead of up the big hill) but this year I have not been as consistent until the past month.

It is interesting to compare my speed to the elevation on the chart where they are together.   I like the side by side comparisons.  I threw today's and yesterday's data side by side. It isn't the same because we ran opposite ways each time but it is still similar. Maybe I need to start marking CCW or CW on my tables so later I can easily compare which way I went without having to go back to my Garmin to find out.

My slowest mile today was 11 seconds faster than my slowest yesterday.
My fastest mile was 15 seconds faster than yesterday.
My 5k time was 1:48 faster than yesterday.

Today, Kelly's husband came to push 2 their 2 kids in a stroller. He didn't run the big hill. He ran right with us until the last mile and he took off. He finished a minute ahead of us. Kelly could have finished with him but she was encouraging me on. Kelly's knee hurt at mile 1. She wanted to quit at mile 2. She didn't even tell me about her knee hurting until mile 4.  My stomach was cramping at mile 1 but it didn't get bad. Then my hip hurt at mile 3. Then my hands got all tingly at mile 4 and that lasted until the end. I didn't complain about my problems until I was done either.  We both had issues that might have caused us to stop another time but we kept going. 

I really did want to run 7 miles today instead of 5 though.  I almost went to the track on the way home. Then I thought I'd go home first and quickly upload my data. Then things happened and my parents were on their way, so I didn't go to the track. I was going to run 2 extra miles to make it 7.

Yesterday I had a few dips to 12 minute miles but not today!


  1. The first sentence of this post made me laugh so hard!! Thank you for cheering me up. :D

  2. I thought it was funny. Well also if you read the title then you'd guess what I did.