Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:01:39 AM - About to go out on the town.
02:39:40 AM - I'm quite tired. Climbing the mountain starts in 8.5 hours.
09:36:21 AM - Oh boy do my calves hurt when I walk.
11:29:01 AM - @reedaboutme not really. The Internet is slow. I read a few.
02:21:19 PM - I had to quit going up the mountain. http://t.co/mKeQTef
02:48:30 PM - http://t.co/TVY9geu this is what I failed climbing. I got a bit above the treelike but not to the top.
02:54:13 PM - These mosquitos are eating me like crazy. Through layers of clothes
04:10:01 PM - Back at the car and I'm not dead. Fell twice. Filthy
07:25:36 PM - @TracyMorganLove Callie struggled too. Many things. Hot that causes blisters in the sand. Then that causes blisters which cause sore calves
07:26:33 PM - @TracyMorganLove then that makes mountain climbing rough. Also read the internets and see how awful elevation is on people.
09:51:29 PM - @TracyMorganLove I spent 2+ hr in the sand dunes climbing when I wasn't told to bring climbing sandals & the sand was too hot for barefeet.
10:50:42 PM - My Mac doesn't have enough hard drive space left for pictures and I have a week left on this trip.
11:29:31 PM - Liquor stores are open to midnight here.
11:32:53 PM - Oh boy and the liquor store sells shots too.
11:42:17 PM - @mikecherepko I don't even know what this cloud business is. I have 63 GB on the other computer I brought though.

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