Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:11:41 AM - Back in PA. Work tomorrow!
01:17:13 AM - Wow is it hot at home. Also the window is open; my allergies will be bad. And Poly got fat.
10:28:40 AM - first day back from vacation is awful. The phone takes up too much time.
07:19:16 PM - Yay Poly is on my lap. She remembers who I am after being gone so long.
09:24:35 PM - Oh boy. the Pb stickers Nice Griff got for me got bent in my bag. I thought I put them in my book, but I put them in my laptop pouch. :(
10:21:32 PM - Scrap and Run: 8.22 Run (Hallenbeck Ranch)
10:41:30 PM - I just shocked myself unplugging something. my entire left arm feels it. Oopsies
11:18:03 PM - I miss the sleeping weather in Leadville. It is far too hot here.
11:26:19 PM - @reedaboutme I have thought that about a few people. Then I think when I see them I do none so maybe 5>0. Today = 0 for me and yesterday
11:28:35 PM - @BodyMediaFIT did the wellness fair talk anyone into getting an armband?
11:31:48 PM - @mikecherepko I can't believe I missed it. But CO was better than an earthquake.

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