Friday, August 5, 2011

North Park with Christina (8.5)

I met Chrsitina at 7am to run 1 loop at North Park.  We got started a bit late since I was offering her bunches of leftover pop from the NA-YGN tailgate last night. She's having a birthday party tonight for her daughter so it worked out perfectly.

We started running and were going at a pretty good pace but that meant very little talking. I wanted to talk. Also I've been telling Christina about Run/Walking.  So then we did that. You can see we walked 10 times. You can also see that I did a bad job watching my watch sometimes. One time we chose to walk a bit extra. It was crowded and it was at the construction part.

At the start of the fourth mile I said we should run the full .25 because our .25 splits have all had walking time in them and I was wondering how fast we'd go. We did it in 2:16. With our run walking the time was about the same as we ran the entire loop back when it was cold.  Lately we've both been running faster if we run the entire thing but we wanted some talking and it wasn't our long run this time.

I wonder how beneficial run/walking is. It helps me get my miles in. I also don't get as fatigued so I can run faster at each run portion.  I just feel like it is cheating.  I could run longer so the walks are less frequent. I might try that next time for some variety. This time I stuck with 3 and 1 since that's what I did last time.

Mile 4 is slow because we walked about 3 minutes in a row on purpose. 

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