Sunday, August 14, 2011

Photo of the Day: Easter 1992

We always went to both sets of grandparents houses on Easters.  We would go to one first then head to the next one later.  Some years we ended up at the Cherepkos at the same time as my cousins and some years we didn't.   In 1992, we were there together.

Gram always wanted to take our pictures. We didn't like it. Well really I did but nobody else liked it so I pretended so I could fit in. We would make faces. One Thanksgiving we held our turkey up like mustaches.

You can tell which one's me because I'm the only girl.  I loved that dress I was wearing. I think I got it for my birthday.  Timmy is in the front. My oldest cousin, (on the Cherepko side), Jason, is giving him antlers. My older brother is giving my other cousin, Jared, antlers.  I never understood giving someone bunny ears or antlers.

One main observation I had about this is look how huge everyone's feet look. Jared is 6'5" now.
My second observation was this was before my gram got central air because all of her shrubs are there out back.
My third observation was about how green the grass is.

I'm confused why Timmy had ice cream and the rest of us don't. Maybe he got it last since he's the youngest.

photo taken: April 26, 1992

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