Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8.7 - Family Fun

I had slept at my parents. The day started with a run.  Then after some time we went to Aurora's birthday party.
Aurora was so cute. She had a Yo Gabba Gabba themed party. I was so shocked at how many people that went to high school with me already have kids.  Aurora likes to eat tomatoes and cucumbers.  She would take them right off her mom's plate, but before she would take something she'd say please. Then after she ate it, she said thank you. Then after she ate all the tomatoes, she told us how she was nice. She is such a cute little 2 year old.   We had to leave the party early to go have some family time at my aunt's.
Jason buried Timmy with pillows. Then later buried Mike. It was funny.  He said they were in time-out.  We were there for a long time. We ate a few times. We all ate so much that we didn't think we could eat anymore then just a little bit later my cousin shows up and his wife had made pizza and wings. Therefore we had to eat again. 
All the cousins got together. I made us get a family picture because we are never all together.  This might be the first time since April 1999 and we didn't even get a picture back then. Notice how my brother and I are both wearing plaid. That wasn't planned.  It also wasn't planned that we were right there in the front. 

I don't look that short in these pictures. That is because I wore my wedges that have a 4" heel.  I'm actually surprised how similar in height my family looks because there is a 5 inch span between the shortest and tallest guy. 
Good thing we got a few pictures because not all of them were the best. This is a nice outtake. Everyone looks good but me.
I didn't get home until 10:30 PM. Then Poly hung out with me.

So Friday I was gone almost all day.  Then Saturday I left at 10 AM. I didn't return until 10:30 PM Sunday night.  Dave wasn't with me all day Saturday or Sunday.  Dave didn't appreciate me ditching him all weekend but I told him he could have come with me. It was my last weekend before ditching him for my vacation. I sure know how to neglect a husband. Well usually this all doesn't happen at all let alone a few things close together.

(my skirt and shirt were from the Loft, sandals from Target, necklace from Walmart)


  1. Holy cow yinz are tall.

    Even without wedge heels, I always think of you as a tall person.

    1. I'm not tall. I am addicted to reading /r/tall on reddit though. Those 6 ft tall women on there have interesting stories but I fit in to some because of my long legs. I also fit in that a teacher made fun fo my long arms in high school and sometimes they'd get made fun of.

    2. What the heck - which teacher?

    3. A gym teacher. A female one. Forget her name. She made fun of my long arms. saying how I had to go down further than the rest of the people. then other people (half the class was doing pushups and the other half went next) said "oh yea she does" and stuff like that. apparently with our arms straight i was much higher than the rest. This is the same gym teacher that made fun of my pale legs.

    4. I didn't do as many pushups as I could have and this was for a grade. I just couldn't handle the staring and talking about me.