Thursday, March 15, 2012

2.38 miles + pictures (3.15)

Today Jen and I met at North Boundary Park. This is our first time running there together. Jen has run there twice before and I've walked there twice but never the full loop. Also, both of us were there only once with the loop paved how it currently is.

The loop is 1.1 miles long. Well my Garmin said 1.07 mi after the first loop. We ran the first loop clockwise and before running the second loop we got my camera.  We took quite a few shots of us running before getting back on the path. Our Garmins were off for this data but it was at least enough to make the run 2.5.

The second loop was a lot more interesting. We ran it counterclockwise. We were trying to see which way was harder to run.

During the second loop, we stopped 4 or so times to take pictures. One of us would run ahead with the camera and take pictures of the other coming down. Then the person who took pictures first would run back to get more pictures.  It was pretty interesting. Sometimes it got crowded and we had to wait until people were out of site.  Looking at the data you can tell all the stops and starts.  You can also see the path doubling back on the route map.  Sometimes auto pause wouldn't even start back up until after the short run that was being photographed.

Jen's Garmin said 2.34 and mine said 2.38 but we both got 9:17 pace which was actually quite interesting since we ran separately each time we took photos.

I have so many more ideas for photos but most probably won't ever happen. I can't wait until my legs aren't quite so pale.  Also if we took my good camera, the pictures would be a lot less crisper but then we wouldn't have ran the 2nd loop with it. That's why I like having multiple cameras. I usually have one to fit any occasion.

These few pictures were between the loops.  I can't wait to go back when all the leaves are on the trees.
All photos of Jen were taken by me and all photos of me were taken by Jen.
Just for fun I changed a few settings in picasa to see what it would do to some of the pictures. I didn't do it to many. Just looking at all 1499 pictures took over an hour.
When we ran the first loop there were horses right near this fence. I was disappointed that they weren't close by on the 2nd loop. Or maybe I should be disappointed that I didn't have my camera on my first loop.  About a quarter mile past this there were cows but they were a little far from the path so I couldn't figure out how to get a picture with them. 
I put a small percentage of the pictures we took on my picasa so please check them out. Three photo shoots in 5 days. Pretty impressive (insane).  I probably took more pictures today than people do in their entire lifetime.

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