Friday, March 9, 2012

3.2 - Shopping, TV, Taxes

Shirt: F21, Jeans: Express, Necklace: Sears, Shoes: Famous Footwear
The shirt seems a bit big in the armpit area. I didn't realize when I first bought it. I sized up so it wasn't so tight around my gut.
I woke up feeling so much healthier than I had been. I still wasn't perfect though.   I did some cleaning as soon as I woke up. I had been slacking lately so just a couple minutes helped a ton.

I went to run with Jen at 10.

After the run, I iced my knee, ate a very small snack, and then showered.
We went to Grove City.  We ate lunch at their food court. All the employees there looked like they just wanted to kill themselves.   We did some shopping. I went in a few of the stores that I always go to when there and was unsuccessful.  I noticed this time the one store wasn't Ann Taylor and Loft outlet but they had 2 separate stores now.  I tried on some dresses but wasn't in love with anything enough.   Dave bought 2 new polo shirts, a workout shirt, and some undershirts. I wanted him to get some new work pants that fit but the one pair in the size and color that would work had some stitching flaws so we didn't want to get them.

Then we headed home.  I finished up documenting my SU expenses for my taxes. I just had mileage left to do but Dave was ready to watch Dexter and I had been waiting all day to watch.   We got Supremos delivered for dinner.  I'm so sick of pizza. We have it all the time. I'm sick of not having food. But I also won't go to the grocery store impromptu because we don't have a list and then we still end up with no food.   We watched Dexter until Dave fell asleep a bit after 9. He didn't even get to watch Rachel Maddow and we had to stop Dexter mid episode.   After he went to bed I watched Biggest Loser and the rest of Glee.  The episode of Glee was from January and it was just so boring. How did that show get so bad? It used to be one of my favorites.


  1. I didn't notice under the arms until I read about it. :) I can't believe you fit in Forever 21 stuff! I don't think I can shop at that store.

  2. You have to really shop around there and ignore the mini skirts. But this shirt is a medium. The short sleeve sweater I bought but didn't wear yet is a small and the tank tops I bought are larges. All purchased on the same day.

    I have some skirts from there that are medium. I have 2 small skirts but they are too small now. They fit 2 years ago.

    I didn't used to shop there but a few people recommended it for some fashion forward inexpensive clothes. If the stuff is out of season within a year it isn't bad because the shirts I buy there are like 10 bucks or less.