Saturday, March 24, 2012


It has been awhile since I wore this dress so I figured it was time to wear it again.  I feel like my outfit was all new except the shoes but when I thought about it, I guess it's a lot older than I thought.

Poly watched me take my daily picture out the window. Then when I came back in she moved to watch me again.  I followed the other malibu maxx down 228 again. We are always just a few cars apart. I am always shocked by this since I leave home for work at different times. 

I worked. I was so busy at one point I caught myself banging my head off my desk. I'm not quite sure how that happened but I swear work is going to give me a heart attack before I'm 30. I just have far too much to get done and then far too many meetings so then I don't have any time to get any of it done.

After work I went to a WIN scrapbooking event.  I only took some supplies and I talked to some people and left early.  I had to get home to plan my Stampin' Up Class.

Well I got home and made dinner and watched some TV.  I did finally get to planning and ended up deciding to quit doing that at 11PM. I thought about booting up my work computer to do work at that point but decided against it. Sometimes the computer takes 30 minutes to get ready to be able to do work and by that point it would be bedtime. I was already falling asleep.


  1. That dress is awesome! I never would have expected it to come from Athleta. I so want one!

    1. Thanks

      I never heard of Athleta until I got this. Sally mentioned it and I bought it. I've been getting catalogs since and everything seems extra casual.
      The dress shrunk 2 inches in the wash (not even dryer) so now it's a little short for work :(