Thursday, March 8, 2012

3.4 Stuffed Peppers

Tank: F21 ($4.50 new)
Pants: Express (~$20 and from 2006)

It didn't even feel cold outside. I was so hot all day even in the tank top.
I woke up and got ready to run with Adrienne. I'm all ready to head out the door and my car won't start. I knew I needed a new battery but I've been lazy and so far all is well. I guess 7 years is too long and my battery just won't work more.   At least I had the opportunity to get in Dave's car and head out so I didn't have too much trouble.

After I got back from running, I iced my knee and then showered. I didn't feel like dealing with my car yet. Dave and I watched a lot of TV.  I love Dexter. I'm really addicted to watching it.   There was a brief time that Dave didn't want to watch it so I watched Unforgettable.  Paulo came to visit. We also made stuffed peppers.

We went to bed shortly after 10pm.


  1. Did a new battery fix the car problem? I like the snow in the picture.