Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:46:54 AM - Half the Stampin' Up class is planned.
01:24:35 PM - An ambulance is parked but not in a spot. Later we learn it was so he could get a good wireless signal.
03:18:31 PM - @MarnieCarlson it was at 5 guys
03:21:42 PM - In the past 24 hours 2 people asked me why my calendar ate with my daily picture isn't updated with all of March.
05:24:28 PM - @MarnieCarlson thanks. When did you see me?
05:35:59 PM - @MarnieCarlson h. That is last week. A bit behind. Date is in the title though.
07:31:00 PM - @mikecherepko I'd like pink pants or purple. That is what they wore on Royal pains. Also yellow. But I'm scared. I need patterned shirts.
11:04:17 PM - Well I have an 8:30 meeting with my vp that I'm not ready for (I didn't get the necessary updates from others)
11:05:26 PM - And then I have my final performance review right after that and I haven't written up a thing yet. #notgood
11:06:21 PM - Also I didn't workout again today. I'm such a slacker. Granted my knee is still bad but there are other things to do. Sigh x 10

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