Monday, March 26, 2012

Shopping - Skinny, colorful jeans

I went to the mall myself on Saturday. I bought 12 new things. Three of the things are pretty shocking to me.

What types of shoes do you wear with skinny jeans?  If you've worn some and have some pictures, link me to them in the comments. I want some more ideas. I think heels are better than flats but there are many types of heels.

I often update my excel file for my clothes inventory. I hid a few columns for the display here. I hid  the date, what store, and location. I bought these all at Forever 21 at Ross Park Mall on 3/24. When I buy clothes anywhere else the Details and original price is filled out because nothing is full price, but at Forever 21 everything is so inexpensive and not really on sale that I don't have anything to put there.

I didn't even know the hoodie was on sale. I bought that to replace my old hoodie that I had to throw away because the arm at the elbow wore out.

The blue shirt is labeled as a tunic on the tag so it is labeled as a tunic above.  I thought the orange shirt might go with the yellow pants and the scarf but Dave wouldn't let me mix and match outfits to show him my new clothes. I'm not actually sure if it'd go.

I'm most scared of the yellow pants.  All the skinny jeans are out of my comfort zone. I don't own any pairs of skinny jeans and never have.  I ended up with yellow because the other 2 colors were out of my size.  I liked both other colors better. They were less wild.

I bought 4 tank tops that are all shown above but I mainly just wear those around the house or to exercise.  I had to take pictures in combinations with new things though which is why they are all modeled.

The skirt is actually meant to be a little shorter but I pulled it down more on my hips to make it go to my knee.

All in all I spent $96.

The jeans are meant for people with waist and butt measurements more similar.  I have a lot of inches extra in the waistband. The jeans are a little big in the hips/butt too.  I needed to size up for the calves.  But even trying on normal jeans there, they are meant more for juniors than for me.

I took pictures of the pants in the dressing room and texted my brother to get his opinion.


  1. Love, love, LOVE those yellow pants! You should not be afraid of skinny pants OR yellow. You look awesome in both! For spring, I would just pair them with gladiator sandals or simple flats!

    1. I wore the blue jeans with flats yesterday but Dave said I looked like I was in high school. I kind of felt like that. Heels look better and I like them better anyway.

      Oh I forgot to mention I ended up with yellow because all other colors were out of my size. I'll add that above.

  2. Haha. Yellow is my favorite color and I can't wear it well because of the color of my hair. :/ Embrace that it goes great with your skin and hair color! I guess my style is kind of high-school preppy (sometimes), so I go for that look with flats. :) LOVE flats!

    1. One time I was asking a sales person as a store for shirts to match a skirt they had there. She walked around the store finding shirts for me and picked up yellow and then held it up to my face and shook her head and said no. I figured I couldn't wear yellow after that.

  3. Those yellow pants are the best pants you've worn. The white ones are second. The skirt's good too. It reminds me of Missoni.

    If nothing else, you can wear yellow pants to sporting events in Pittsburgh. Black on top and yellow on the bottom is much more exciting than the other way.

  4. I thought of that about the sporting events. It's the wrong shade of gold but any shade of yellow works around here. (compare shades

    I told PB we need to do things outside of work so I can wear my new clothes. He said OK that I can go to Giant Eagle to buy him food. Not quite what I had in mind.

    1. The only person ever dressed nice at Giant Eagle is me.

      Have a picnic or ride the new subway.

    2. You go to Giant Eagle in Irwin. The Giant Eagles are fancy up here. People are almost always dressed fancy. Even if they wear workout clothes, they are like $80 workout shirts. I feel under dressed if I wear jeans with a fitted shirt. Giant Eagle stresses me out.

    3. my pants are the same shade as ones I posted on here a few days ago

  5. OK, are absolutely KILLING it in those jeans! I remember skinny jeans making me self-conscious at first, too, but keep at look amazing! Funny--the calves are always where I have trouble with skinny jeans, too.

    I like skinny jeans with heels (wedges or normal stilettos) or tucked into boots. I don't wear them with flats that often, and never sandals for some reason. If I do flats, I usually go with a pointy-toe flat so it doesn't look too young.

    The yellow is pretty awesome. I really like them on you. I think it could go with the orange shirt, just wear it proudly! If not the orange, I like the combos you showed above, and yellow goes well with a lot of other neutrals, too (like gray...yellow and gray are so pretty together).

    1. I never thought of gray.

      I only started wearing sandals about 1.5 years ago so I don't have many pairs but the one I thought I would wear them with is the sandals I'm wearing in another pic above.

      I wore flats because I was going bowling so I guess I can say I wore bowling shoes with them. Everyone had to wear bowling shoes though so it was OK.

      Oh man the more I scroll back up to look at these pictures, the more I'm scared of the yellow. I think living in the suburbs makes it scarier.

      And thank you!

      Funny my self conscious is that I think I look too skinny or something in these jeans. Or too much like a hussy. You know what is odd is that my calves are too skinny for boots. I guess my foot to calf ratio is wrong and my calf to hips ratio is wrong. I think I've mentioned that before on here somewhere when complaining about boots.

  6. Wow - you look great in every pair of those jeans! Especially the yellow. I bet the yellow pants, blue tank, and scarf would make a great combo.

    I've never owned a pair of skinny or tapered-leg jeans (everything I have is old and boot cut because I have no fashion sense), but now I am reconsidering.

    Seriously, though, you look awesome (and not scandalous at all).

    1. All my jeans before this were boot cut. I did hear flares were coming back in style.
      Blue and yellow = Norwin colors so I should have figured to wear them together. Thanks for the suggestion.

      At least all your stuff isn't the old old tapered colored jeans. Oh wait that's all back in style so it would have worked out. Colored jeans were in style in 7th grade. I bought a bunch then halfway through 7th grade flares and wide leg became in style and I was not with the style and got made fun of.

      Go to Forever 21 because their stuff is cheap. Other places have $80 skinny jeans. not worth it. I figure 10 bucks is worth it to only last a year or so because then they'll be out of style/I'll be fat.

      Thanks! My mom told me I looked emaciated right after she told me there was nothing to me and this was right after she walked in Casual Male XL and saw me.

    2. I don't think you look emaciated at all. But that's coming from someone who also gets called emaciated. You look like a person who is strong and can handle running ultramarathons.

      I think a lot of people don't understand how a person who is already thin can become a healthier thin or a stronger thin or a thin with more endurance.

      I wonder if there is a Forever 21 here. There aren't really malls or anything. There are weird strip-mally shopping places. I guess I could just google.

      ...welp, just as I suspected. None 'til you get to Denver.

      I bet anyone who goes to Casual Male XL and isn't shopping for themselves looks very out of place there.

    3. I do often feel out of place there. Most of the wives that shop there are heavier. If employees are female they are also heavy. I probably looked worse compared to the clothing racks that I was around.

  7. You rock all of those skinny jeans! I think the white ones might actually be my favorites - white skinny jeans can look super classy when done right, and it looks like you'll do it right. :)

    I almost always wear boots with skinnies, which is going to be problematic if and when we ever get into spring/summer weather. I also like them with wedges or gladiator-style heels or sandals, but I think flats are definitely a little too high-school. I told my (extremely trendy college-age) younger sister about my reservations and she suggested cuffing skinnies when wearing them with flats, so then you get more of a cigarette-pants Audrey Hepburn look going on. Probably worth a try, especially with the white ones!

    1. Thanks. People tell me I rock them but that doesn't mean I'm still not a little scared.

      I've worn the blue jeans twice, and the yellow ones twice.
      I didn't post this yet, but on this collage look at the picture on the way right. This is why I probably shouldn't have bought them and should have waited. Sizing up wasn't the best idea. I have a big butt compared to the rest of me and still the pants are too loose. My husband tells me that when I wear them.