Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4.27 - Erie Photos

I woke up and played a little Solitaire in bed.  Next thing I knew it was time to get ready to take Dave to the eye doctor.  On the way home, he wanted to go to Sam's Club.  I said I was in a hurry but he gave me a really heard time about not doing fun stuff with him.   So we went to Sam's Club. Then we ate lunch there (hot dogs).
I got home and didn't have time to shower. I had to HURRY and log into work and curl my hair and change my clothes and put on makeup.  I wasn't even done before Jen showed up. She was early but I still was ready a few minutes later than I thought.
We headed out to meet Paul to go to Erie to take our pictures. I was going to have a separate post with my thought process for the pictures but now that it's been a few days I'm forgetting and thinking it wouldn't be as interesting for others.  One thing is I was a lot less comfortable when we were in the dresses. I felt more awkward posing but then running was better even though it was freezing and it was hard to run in the sand.   We were done taking photos around 8:20.  Then we stopped at Sally's Diner for dinner.  We headed home after that. I think I got home close to 10:30. I was exhausted.
I'm glad that you can look at the pictures and can't tell it was below 40 degrees and that we were freezing.


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    1. Thanks. Did you click on the picasa link to look at them all?

  2. I've got to reiterate how nice these pictures are. I can't believe it was that cold. You guys are good actors.

    Now I miss Erie.

    1. Sometimes you can tell our shoulders are up a little high because it is so cold but it was mainly trying to fake it and having fun. Also lots of times between photos we ran just to keep warm.

      I miss you. and will miss people here. and things here. :(

    2. :(

      I'm sorry. I kind of remember the overwhelming missing-everything-feeling from moving out here, and have it sometimes about Leadville, and it is not easy. Maybe this will be one of those things where we'll end up visiting more when you don't live in PA because in PA, everyone wants to see whoever visits, and you have to divide up time too much, but if we visit California, we'll have to hog yinz.

      Maybe your mammal and J.C. will be surprised to find out they like traveling. Maybe Google will open a Pittsburgh office and you won't even have to be gone that long. Maybe you will like it there so much you'll forget all about missing stuff. Oi vey. I think suck at being reassuring.

    3. I did think about that. When you come to PA for a week you have 40 people to visit so I get a sliver of your time but when I visited CO, I only had you to visit and I stayed at your place and it was awesome time together.

      My dad seems ready to travel and visit and my mom doesn't seem so into it. Google does have a Pittsburgh office but Dave didn't want to work there. It is a very small office so he wanted headquarters.