Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:12:48 AM - I'm on my third hour of typing for my race recap. I think I wrote too much.
01:17:47 AM - I stayed up too late.
01:21:14 AM - I didn't take any pics of poly today so I just got 1 before bed.
01:22:28 AM - @TheNewChrissy I just finished my race recap. 3 parts. 3rd part to post tomorrow. I think I wrote too much
01:23:30 AM - Eek on my race recap I forgot to put if that marathon was my first one I'd have never done another and not done the 50k either!
01:26:54 AM - @BodyMediaFIT that's so similar to mine. Too bad I'm in bed or I'd tweet it.
01:30:26 AM - “@DaizyCh: After nearly 36 years, I'm finally getting my identity back. Yay. http://t.co/nASdStXL” nice
08:27:15 AM - @BodyMediaFIT I did run it. http://t.co/phM0uklD and that links to the other parts of my marathon recap. I hated it all because of the sun!
08:32:38 AM - @BodyMediaFIT I don't do well with heat ever so it was extra bad for me. I forgot to write about people one stretchers.
08:32:49 AM - @BodyMediaFIT Did you read all 3 parts?
08:39:49 AM - @BodyMediaFIT You can leave comments on the blog if you have any :)
09:33:45 PM - I told a coworker today (that I never met him) how I take 30 pictures a day of my cat (at least). I wonder how old he is
11:01:22 PM - Nothing like coming to bed to find your pillow without a pillowcase.

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