Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I woke up before 7am and started cleaning.  Dave started shortly after. We cleaned until 10:30. I was still changing into real clothes at that point when the door bell rang. The Realtor was there until 12:15.  Then we got to doing some more things. We headed to lunch, to drop off our TV to recycle, and to hit up Lowe's. We were pretty productive.  We hung some hanging baskets and also put put a Welcome plant. Poly was sad to be inside while we were working outside.
We even installed a light fixture in my craft room so I no longer have the keyless light bulb hanging down.

At 5:15, I went to spinning. Then I went to Body Pump.   After I got home I couldn't figure out what to eat for dinner. I chose the 2nd half of the cinnamon roll that I had for breakfast. I didn't know what to eat next so I had a 2nd one.  Then I had cheese spread with crackers.   I ate the 2nd and 3rd things outside with Dave.  He didn't like our neighbors bass so we sat outside.  The bass isn't actually as bad out there.
Then we watched some TV. I probably used my computer or something too.  I went to sleep around 11 PM.

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