Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My day was mainly food.
I had a bagel with cream cheese and bacon for breakfast.  I had 4 donuts and 3 munchkins for lunch.

I had a decent run in the rain.  Drying my shoes with a hair dryer is not ideal but it worked well. Now my shoes look filthy. My run took a  little longer than it should have been I'd stop and take my cell phone out of the ziplock out of the pouch to take some pictures.  Right when I started the run, it was sunny and hot. Within 3 minutes it was raining and then I was freezing.

We went to dinner with Hilary in downtown Sunnyvale.
I even wore a running outfit that I did't photograph.
The first outfit was for breakfast.  The 2nd outfit was for lounging. I put on the coat to go to "lunch" when I got my donuts.  The last outfit was going out to dinner.

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