Monday, May 14, 2012


Cardigan and Shoes: Kohl's
Dress: Dress Barn (I think. This is my newest dress and I am not even sure it was there. It was at Pittsburgh Mills Mall)

I got to work early.
I went to Aviva for lunch and got a meatball panini.
I went back to work. I got stuck at work. Dave wanted to go for a walk but I just couldn't get out of work. Then finally I left work. I got home and ate leftover meatball panini. I ate it cold dipped in sauce. I don't dip things in sauce ever. I ate meatballs for the first time a month or so ago at Aviva.   Then I sat on the chair to finish watching the show we started while eating dinner. I mostly fell asleep.
I called my mom after it was over.  We talked for awhile.
We could near the neighbors base. Dave wanted to go sit on the patio and watch them. So we did. We heard Erica yelling at Chris about watering. It was funny. The yelling was right before I got outside but Dave was already out there. It was a beautiful temperature so I suggested going for a ride. Then we went for a ride and to Target. I finally bought the heel liners so my foot can stop flopping out of my new purple shoes.

Then I went to watch Rachel Maddow and fell asleep.

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  1. I can't fathom how finding the temperature beautiful makes you want to sit in a car. You need bikes.