Monday, May 14, 2012


I swear in person the shoes and the shirt are the same shade.
Shoes and Earrings: Target
Pants: VS
Shirt and Cardigan: NY&Co.
Belt: Kohl's
I started the day by hitting snooze for 45 minutes.

Almost everyday I block time off on my calendar to work on certain projects and almost every time I do this, I do not work on the project in that time slot so I have to move the slot. Well today I went to go move one of my time slots and I realized I actually did what it said to do. That sure felt nice.  This was around 10am and it didn't happen the rest of the day.

The heels on my shoes kept getting looser and it was hard to walk w/o my heel flopping out of my shoe. Too bad I had a lot of walking to do.

I worked a little late then headed to the gym. I ran on a treadmill beside Jen.  She ran walked 3.1 miles so she now has a baseline for a time for the 5k and just needs to keep getting better.
I got home and Dave made Quesadillas for dinner. I said I needed more food but watched TV and played Solitaire instead.  Next thing I know it was bed time.  I didn't even get any computer time in.

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