Wednesday, May 2, 2012

4.12 - California

We woke up really early. I would say bright and early but it wasn't even daylight yet.   We woke up around 4:30. We left the house a little after 5 and headed for the airport.  By the time we checked our baggage and got to our gate they were a few minutes away from boarding.  Security takes longer when you have a 7am flight.
I napped for about 15 minutes early on in the flight. Then I ate some snacks we bought on the plane.  We didn't really have any to pack and didn't have time to buy something at the airport.  I played Solitaire on my iPad for a few hours. Then I napped again for about 20 minutes.  It was back to Solitaire.  I switched it up once or twice and played Spider Solitaire but that isn't as easy on the iPad.   I can't believe I am that addicted to Solitaire that it was so easy to play it the entire time.  It was really hot on the flight. Luckily I had a tank top + cardigan on so then I just removed the cardigan.
Once we got our luggage we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is so windy that I don't like it. We tried to get a few nice pictures.  It was hard to judge how good they came out while we were there.  Too bad we didn't ask someone to take our picture so we would have had a picture with both of us.
We went to Sausalito after.  We found a random place and ate lunch. Actually we saw this hamburger place with a line out the door so we said we'd go there but they didn't have seating inside and you just got the burgers to go so we decided to go elsewhere.  We went to Napa Valley Burger Co for lunch. The burger was very good.
We were too exhausted to do anything else so we went to the hotel to check in.  We started to watch Hangover Part II but Dave fell asleep so he turned it off and I just watched TV (with commercials...ugh).  I played solitaire for awhile.  (The hotel room was huge.)

Dave slept for 3+ hours. I played solitaire the entire time.

Then we walked to dinner but Dave was still in half asleep mode. It was super annoying. It was also annoying to get out of the hotel and realize it was raining. My umbrella was up in the room.

I think we just watched TV and played on the computer until bed.

(Note I typed this while still in California but never made collages of my pictures. I took over 100 so I kept procrastinating deciding what pics to put in the post.)