Thursday, July 5, 2012


Dave's shirt and shorts: JCP
My shirt and shorts: F21. Shoes: Famous Footwear
I woke up and was going to go for a run. Instead I watched 10 episodes of One Tree Hill.  (And for some of my TV watching, Poly was in the TV stand.)
I had a Boston Market frozen dinner.  This time I ate more than last time but still didn't finish it. The thing is only about 500 calories and I can't eat the entire thing anymore.

I updated my resume a little bit and applied for some jobs.
I went to Google for dinner.  Dave and I walked around campus for about 30 minutes trying to figure out where to eat.  Then we ate but they were running out of food. I was still hungry after.  They did have good banana cream pie once I took off the flaked chocolate off.   The chicken was probably good but it was too spicy for me so I barely ate any of it.  I enjoyed making the panini.  After we ate, we heard a noise that sounded like a jet. After a few minutes we still didn't know what it was.  We saw people going over a fence. We went over. The white thing in the left picture is what the noise was.  It seemed like a gas leak or something but who knows.  After a few minutes, it turned to some smoke and then went away.  It was a very weird occurrence.  I'm glad we walked  over to see what it was.  Between us and the mysterious thing was a golf course and people were just there golfing like it was no big thing.

I ended up watching more One Tree Hill and tapped out at falling asleep during my 16th episode of the day.

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