Thursday, July 5, 2012


We woke up and went running at the track. My feet hurt and my calves hurt. It was hard work.

We did some stuff around the house.

We went to drop off stamps to Rachel and deposit cash in the bank. The bank took forever. I was trying to confirm that our one PNC account was closed and they had so much trouble with it, then we figured out they thought I was my mom. With my dad being on my one account that I made the deposit for, it just took forever for them to figure it all out.

Then we went to work and got furniture pads back from Dave.  We then went to Double wide for lunch with Paulo and Jen.  We had about an hour long lunch and still after we dropped off Jen, I realized there was so much I didn't tell her.
After we dropped them off, we went to Sincerely Yogurt to try to use the rest of our gift card. We still have $3 left on there. We told Jen we'd give it to her if we didn't use it before we left.
After that we cleaned up a little and then watched some TV.  We left for the vet at 3:10. Someone came to show the house and they were 15 minutes early so they were just leaving as they were arriving.
Poly DID NOT enjoy the vet.  After they took her temperature and before the doctor arrived, she hid behind the refrigerator in the room. She really hid.
At 4, Timmy said Jared was ready to come up to get the couches so I didn't really do anything. I just used my computer.  Then over an hour later he said they left.  Then 1.5 hours after that, they still weren't here.
It took them well over an hour to load the 2 couches in the truck and then to put some weights in the truck that I already carried upstairs.   They left near 8:30.
We watched the rest of the season of Weeds and I was unsatisfied.  We went into bed near 11:30 and I played Solitaire until I fell asleep.  Around 4am I woke up with the iPad still beside me.

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