Thursday, July 19, 2012


We were at temporary housing.   We left to eat and go shopping.
I bought shorts and a shirt.
We ate at Sweet Tomatoes. I liked the strawberries I could add to ice cream.  We also went to Fresh and Easy to check it out.
Poly slept on me at the end of the day.  (Poly spent more time with me sleeping at temp housing than at our house.)


  1. Did you like Fresh n Easy? I am such a dork that I go to the two Huntington Beach locations and paw through the clearance section in each. I love to do that. My only complaint is that they don't carry dog food, and dog food is my rate limiting factor for grocery shopping. So then I have to go to Stater Brothers market, which I hate. The employees are surly.

    1. It was alright. I think I just bought a cereal. We were just browsing. I was too new around here when I went so I don't remember that much about the trip. I'll have to go back. I'm going to go to Sprouts today. I've never been there.

      Do you ever go to Trader Joe's?

    2. Sprouts is like Whole Foods Market. Large selection but pricy sometimes. Trader Joe's is the bomb. The only problem when I go there is that I end up with my cart full of liquor, candy and cheese, and no real food. But I still love it.

    3. I just got back from walking to Sprouts. The prices seemed good for what I was looking for. I was hoping you could get ground meat by whatever amount you want but you couldn't. Also I've never been to whole foods.