Thursday, July 19, 2012


We woke up early again. I didn't sleep well.
I had some cereal.  I applied for a job and had to do the form twice because I went to click submit and somehow there was an error and it lost it all.
I was hungry for lunch but we didn't go until later.  We had pizza. 
Then we went to a mall.  That mall didn't have JCP so we went to another mall for JCP.  The second mall was a little crazy because it went over a big street so the first floors were split and the second floor had some windows that overlooked the street.  It seemed like an old mall.

We went home. We rested. We cleaned up. I did laundry. It'st he first time I've ever used a top loader. My parents had a front loader. All the college dorms were front loaders. The laundromat was all front loaders. Then we bought a front loader. 
We finally dinner. I was hungry earlier so disappointed we took so long to go.  We went to Mexican. It was fighting back. My stomach was rumbly before I finished eating. 

We went to another mall after dinner.  It was Dave's idea. He said he wanted to see how many malls we could go to in one day.  This mall was mainly outlet stores. I wish my stomach wasn't all upset. With movement, it hurt so I didn't want to go in any stores.  We stayed at the mall until it closed at 9.  The mall was by the same people that made Pittsburgh Mills and you could tell. 

I got home and rested.  My stomach was not having any movement. I did do the rest of the laundry but it was bed time already

(The the Coldstone in the last picture was from 2pm not the mall trip after dinner.)

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