Saturday, July 14, 2012


Dave woke me up trying to look for stuff. I helped him even though I was half asleep. I even found what he needed. Since I was up, I hurried and carried stuff to storage and to the car before steps were closed. I made 3 trips but they were closed by the time I tried to go for the 4th trip.

The contractors came to paint our door so Poly and I are closed up in a bedroom since the door has to remain open.  Poly doesn't like this so she walks on the printer to print test pages.   I'm on hold/talking to/on hold/talking to the benefits center trying to get info straightened out during this time.  I spent 30 minutes on the phone and since I don't know Dave's pin or password and he didn't answer my texts/IMs then he has to call again another time to update his address.

Poly prints test pages but then she learned to open the door.  It wasn't fully latched. She got out the first time and went to her litter box so I didn't mind.  The second time she went out of the apartment to the roped off area where they are redoing the floor.

After awhile they closed the door so I could stop almost having heart attacks.
At 11:30 I headed to Goodwill to donate some stuff, to comcast to get the remote we were shorted, and then to Safeway to buy just a couple things.  It was the first time I drove our own car here in California. We've had it over a week but I made Dave drive all the time.  All that took 1.5 hours and the furthest thing away was a 5 min drive.  I went to Safeway to buy a few things. One of those things was hot sauce for Dave. I spent 10 minutes staring at all the hot sauces figuring out what to buy. Good thing Timmy replied to my text and helped me out.  I also went to Comcast to pick up the remote they shorted us.
I got home and made a sandwich.
I did some unpacking and some cleaning up and some computer work.  I didn't feel like leaving for dinner so Dave brought home Baja Fresh and nothing worked right with that too. We tried to watch TV but that failed.   I ate less than half my food and gave the rest to Dave. I just wasn't feeling it.

Overall it was an awful day. I mean it really sucked.  Nothing was going right. Nothing went right. Dave even complained and was mad about things even though I told him how awful my day was so you'd think he'd try to make me feel better instead of flip out and say he should have eaten without me.

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