Saturday, July 21, 2012


We went to Baja Fresh for lunch. I tried quacamole and sour cream on my quesadilla. I did not like it. I will just stick with dipping my quesadilla into salsa verde.  How do you eat a chicken quesadilla?

I took more pictures of the state of the apartment but it just looks like a mess. I took them in the hopes that when I'm done I can show the evolution of certain rooms.
I unpacked more stuff that was broken. Dave thought he left his bobbleheads at work so I guess it's OK that they are all ruined.
I was going to go take a nap. I was exhausted.  Instead I decided to move the bookshelf that was temporarily in the living room.  Then I even got Dave to mount it right away so we could start using it right away.  I sure don't know how to nap. 

We hung 3 pictures up. It's a start right?  (I think the 2 by the front door are too high but that's what happens when someone 6'5 hangs them I guess.)
We went to some new place for dinner, Elephant Bar and Restaurant. Since I was in the mood for PF Chang's I ended up ordering something similar. It was nowhere near as good.  The menu had calorie counts for everything. I love that so many places around here have it.  Then we went to frozen yogurt after. The dispenser was so incredibly slow that I couldn't take it and only ended up with a tiny bit. I started checking in on Yelp so I got 3 places in 1 day on my first day of checking in.  It makes me want Foursquare so maybe I'll get that one of these days.

After dinner Dave started hooking up some stuff on the computer. Poly was helping.
Then we watched some TV. Poly did too.
I had a sports bra on and tank top. I had plans of working out.  I never worked out. I made it dinner appropriate by putting on a jacket.

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