Saturday, July 21, 2012


These are my favorite shorts. This is one of my favorite tank tops. I work out in in too. I have a closet full of clothes and I wear the same 5 things.

Tank: F21 (4.80 if I remember correctly)
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters (I picked these up because the shorts were buy one for 10 so either these ones cost 10 or they cost 25 if you average the 2. Either way they were 100% worth it.)
Shoes: Kohl's (form 2010. Think around $30)
Jacket: NY&Co (before May 2008)
Sunglasses: Found between my baking sheets in my kitchen

If I have to say so myself, I'd say I did a pretty good job balancing my camera on a pole and getting these pictures at the wrong part of the day.
Dave woke me up again when he was getting ready for work.  He blasts Howard so he can hear it wherever but that means I hear it.  He will talk to me too.  But I actually fell back to sleep after all the noise stopped.  My alarm went off at 8:30 and I hit snooze. I stayed in bed in a daze until about 9.  I was thinking about going for a run right away but didn't. I ended up checking my email. By that point it was 9:30 and I figured I better get a move on it to do my errands.

When I was getting dressed I heard one guy out on the scaffolding say to the other guy "Whoa I just got lightheaded there!" Then they went about doing what they were doing.  A few minutes later they were covering our windows with plastic to paint. I was surprised to hear the guy say he was lightheaded and then continue to work. I was also surprised to hear them talk in English.  Most days they are talking to each other only in Spanish.
First I went to Goodwill and dropped off a ton of stuff.  Then I headed to the post office to try to pick of a package.  The package was there when we were there last but we didn't have the pickup thing because our mail was on hold.  We had picked up the mail that was on hold.  But then we had also had a ton in our mailbox. In our mailbox it mentioned going to pickup something at the post office.  I figured that meant everything we had just picked up.   I was wrong. A few weeks later I got asked if I received a package. Luckily it was still at the post office.

In the Post Office parking lot, I looked up smog test on google maps and it said Pep Boys right near our house did them so I went there.  I got there and they do not do them. I looked up smog test again and this time called the place to be sure all was good.  I drove to Smog Me. That place was on the same road as the Post Office!  I drove all kids of extra. At least everything was only about 1.2 miles away.  Coming home I messed up too but I just missed taking a road that is more of a hypotenuse. At least now I'm all set for the DMV on Wednesday.

Poly was quite the annoying cat. She wanted attention but really she wanted attention from Dave and he's not around so she has to be annoying about it.

I did some emails and decided to quit slacking and just go for a run even though it was lunch and I hadn't eaten yet and it was sunny out.
I decided to drink some water before my run so I had about 1 oz. Then I had most of a small banana. Poly was trying to put on her cute face so I wouldn't leave her.  I couldn't capture the cutest parts on film because Poly had both of my hands.  She picked up my keys too. I was on to her though and took them back.  A little bit later she repositioned to be right on top of them. She was really trying to get me to stay. She was also purring up a storm.  I petted her for awhile but eventually did leave.
I ran 3.1 miles.  It wasn't so bad. It got easier.  My goal was 9:45 pace. I had a lot of bonus seconds. My first split was the slowest. That involved crossing the street and I didn't stop the timer properly.  I was going to run 3 but ended up turning around a little earlier than I planned because a truck was blocking the road. That meant I was getting back to the apartment prior to 3.0. Since I was running extra, I figured why not run a little more extra and run a 5k. My first split was 2:15 but my next 3 all were 2:11 (this is what pops up on the Garmin so the splits are always rounded down like a 2:11.9 will still show up as a 2:11 so I have to account for this when I make my bonus second goals and stuff).  Then my 5th split was 2:15 again. I wondered if I would have 3 at 2:11 again but I didn't. I had one at 2:09 then 2 at 2:11.  I still found that odd. Then the first split of my third mile was 2:15 again.  This seemed a bit odd. But instead of 2:11 or even 2:09 I had 2:04s and a 2:09.  (I guess I'll add a screen capture with the data to make it easier.)  I don't usually notice a theme to my splits but that doesn't necessarily mean I don't have one. I also don't usually beat my goal pace by a minute. 
I got back and Poly was waiting for me in the exact spot she was in when I left.
I showered and checked my email.  I decided to go buy sandals.  It's sandal weather all the time here and my only sandals have 5" heels. I have been wearing sneakers with shorts  or my boat shoes but the boat shoes look a little silly too.   I impulsively decided to go to Kohl's to look at some sandals.

There were lots of nice heels. I wanted some but I used self control. I found 1 pair of sandals that weren't thongs in flats. So basically I had no choices.  Well they had the 1 style in both tan and black. But you could see too much base that was brown with the black ones so I went with tan. 
I got home and Poly was again in the same spot she was in when I left.  I heated some Stouffer's macaroni and cheese for lunch.  Then I ate some pub cheese with pretzel chips.  That was some good cheese.  I watched Politics Nation and Anderson Making Medical Mystery and The Strangest Addictions Ever while eating.  I would swap back and forth and rewind so I wasn't actually watching commercials.
At 4:30, I decided I would go to Target instead of doing anything on my to-do list.  I bought a few things we needed but I also wanted pretzel chips. I forgot to add pretzel chips to the list so then I forgot to buy them. Target had a poor selection of plastic bins. I got 1 because they only had 1 in sort of the style I liked.
I got home a little after 5 and realized it was close to dinner time but I was nowhere near hungry.    I put some stuff away and used my computer until Dave got home. Then we both went on using our computers.  Finally we ordered pizza for pickup and Dave went and got it.  He forgot his keys for the secret door to get back by Trader Joe's so he had to walk around.   We ate Pizza and watched Hell's Kitchen.  Then it was back to computer time. I did tape up a few boxes and make 3 trips down to storage.  We don't have enough wall space for all our pictures so we kept some packaged up and put them back in the picture boxes.  I really did a number on my wrist putting one of the boxes into storage. I even iced it after. I wedged my wrist between the fence that divides the units and the box.  I can't believe it hurt as bad as it did.  My ice pack seemed much colder than normal and then after I was down I saw how the ice cut the plastic down the center. Now my ice pack has to be kept in a ziplock.  This will never end well.  I tried finding the same one on Amazon but failed.  At least google helped.

I'm pretty sure Dave and I watched TV or maybe we planned on it but then he was trying to get the computer to work to record TV so I spent time on my computer or a mixture of both. All my days blend together now that I don't have a job.  I did want to cross a few more things off my to do list so I cleaned the salt water taffy out of my purse. It just came out with hot water. I was surprised at how easy it was. If I would have known that I would have done it sooner.


  1. Sounds like you're keeping busy! I'm curious- are most of the apartments in your complex filled? It sounds like it's a new place and they're still completing work on it. If you have neighbors, have you met any of them yet?

    1. It's an older place but they are remodeling it so any time a renter moves out, they do renovations then someone can move in. But at a certain point they will not let people renew their lease so they can get them all redone. They are renovating the outside too of our building to be done August 10 and then they will start another building in the apartment complex. My guess is they'd go to building 2 to stay in number order but who knows.

      I said hi to our neighbors once and we introduced ourselves and then we said hi in passing later. I said "hi" to random other people but not the immediate next door neighbors.

      Also people rent the apartments before ever seeing them like we did. Since they do the remodels they aren't open to be seen but they know what date they will be ready and they rent them out fast.

      Above I seem like I'm keeping busy because I wrote the post as the day went on. If I wrote the post even 2 days later I would have forgotten over half of what I did. Sometimes I forget 90% of what I did and then I don't seem busy. When you read future posts you'll be able to tell which ones I wrote before the end of the day and which ones I didn't. Also some of them I write until like 8pm because that's when I wrote them and then later go back to fill in 8-11 and have no idea what I did.

  2. You look like you live in California now. :) I'm kind of jealous!

    Also, THOSE HEELS - the white and colored sandals. GORGEOUS.

    How is Dave liking work?

    1. I would have bought those colored sandals if I had a job but I felt like I needed to be practical. I still want them.

      he loves it!