Friday, July 27, 2012


Tank: Express, Shorts: F21
Dave went into work earlier to use the gym prior to work. He was quicker getting ready and was either quieter or I was more tired because I didn't hear him.  So I got to sleep in until a little after 8. Poly was so cute with me that I grabbed my laptop and used that until she decided to get out of bed at 8:50.  My alarm did go off at 8:30 and Poly lifted up her head trying to determine if it was time to wake up. I petted her to let her know she could go back to sleep and she did.  Oh the life of joblessness.

Once Poly got up so did I. I started being productive right away.  I kept starting things and not finishing them. I felt like I was trying to finish many things on my to-do list and be super productive.  It was a good feeling. I feel like every other day I don't feel like accomplishing anything and on the opposite days I want to be productive. I haven't figured it out yet.  The stairs are closed again so I can't take my quick trips down to storage or to the car. I also have 2 bags of garbage to go down the trash chute but that is blocked off since it is right near the stairs. 
I did many things on my to do list at my computer and cleaned off my desk.  Finally it was lunch time and I got to eat at the table. I snacked at the table too. I did have to get up so the remote could work for each commercial.  I put laundry in.  I had on The Talk and was able to be productive without even realizing it.  The good part about this apartment is also the bad part; if you are in one room you can't hear anything from the other room.  This is good because TV or music in another room doesn't impact you but it is bad because you can't even shout to talk to someone in the other room.  It's nice if I'm unpacking in the living room because I can watch TV and it can go quickly but then when I'm anywhere else in the place, I can't hear the TV.
Before the end of The Talk, I walked over to Sprouts. I thought it'd be like McGuinnis sisters.  Maybe 75% of the store was vegetables.  There was a cheese section.  There were meats at a counter but not what I wanted.  There were some prepacked meats.  There were some aisles of normal stuff but there were equally as many aisles of vitamins.  It was a little weird.  Prices seemed to be good for the vegetables I looked at. I took my daily picture in the parking lot. I had the camera balanced on something first too low to the ground so then I moved to a light base. I put the camera there, set it up, and some guy parked right on the other side and sat his his car. He probably thought I was weird.  It was so bright out so I ended up taking another picture at the walkway in my apartment complex.  I took the elevator up because I thought the stairs were still closed but they seemed to be opened. I didn't take my trips to the car or storage because the guy sitting on the edge of the scaffolding half hanging off just scared me too much so I wanted to stay away from  him. 
I finally went through last LR box. Just going through one box seemed to help out with space in our current living room.  Granted I left a little pile sitting there that I was still determining where it should go.
Since our table was finally up, I could cook food that required a table which meant I could cook.  Well I turned on the oven to preheat and put on the water to boil. I just dropped the meat in a pan to cook and the smoke alarm went off.  That was INTERESTING to say the least.  The oven/stove was brand new so it probably had something to do with that.  I had turned off the gas and the oven. The smoke alarm was still going off. It says "Fire. Fire" every couple seconds. Not only that but I could hear out the window that other smoke alarms were going off too. I'm pretty sure mine started it but with boiling water and preheating the oven, it could have been someone else's that started it.   I opened the door for a couple seconds to get the breeze going to get the smoke alarm to shut up. You can't take batteries out of these apartment smoke detectors.  I'm not sure how long all that took but it was fairly quick. Since it was so loud and annoying and stressful it felt like forever. Then I had to find Poly. I shook her treats and looked everywhere for her. I tried to find her hiding spots but I don't know where they all are here.  I shook her treats for a good 5 minutes before she came out. I was worried she went out the front door in the 5 seconds that it was open. She almost gave me a heart attack.   Even after she got her treat she was still scared and hiding under things.
Then after I held her she went and hid again.  This time her tail was sticking out under the ottoman. I took her picture and when I did the flash went off. She was on to me and repositioned so her tail was no longer sticking out.

I didn't start cooking again until Dave got home.  When he got home, Poly didn't even come out of hiding. Once he got home, I started cooking again and this time the smoke detector did not go off. Dave snacked while I was cooking. Apparently he was starving and can't wait an additional 15 minutes! 
After dinner Dave and I went to the storage unit. We did some digging and I saw a box in the corner. I was looking for box 256. I stuck my arm in to use the camera phone and see if I could make out the number and it was 256! I found my missing jewelry.  We also found a family room box and better organized the unit so it wasn't like a ton of boxes were just thrown on top.

The storage place closes daily at 9pm. We got there at 20 til. At 5 til we still had a million things in the hall outside our unit.  At 8:57 someone came on the loudspeaker telling us we had 3 minutes until it closed.  We actually didn't leave until 9:15. I feel like we still need to go back and reorganize again.  Having 8 dining room chairs in there is a little awkward.

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