Monday, July 9, 2012


Our stuff finally arrived.  Well we were at the DMV first. I was done there early so I went back to the temp housing to hang out with Poly.  I thought James was supposed to start delivering at 10am so I was back at the apartment by that time.
Right outside our door, they were doing work on the stairs. I ended up calling the project manager to get them to move the caution tape. They moved it a foot or more back on each side so that we could at least have something in the hallway go straight into the apartment.
They started loading everything up at 11:20. They didn't start very early.  I wasn't given a time of when they would be done.

I was given a sheet with numbers on it and was to X off numbers as they were unloaded off the truck.  I thought they were making good time.
Then I realized everything was just by the elevator and not actually up into the apartment. I swear all day I was ready to have a heart attack.  We have too much to fit into the apartment.
Finally at 4:30 PM we broke for lunch. I didn't eat breakfast so it was really rough going for me.
A little after 9 PM they were done. We didn't even get to make the delivery to storage so that had to be the next day.   I tried to get Dave to come home from work early (or on-time) because just moving boxes and making room for more boxes and telling them what goes to storage or what comes up required two people and I was doing it myself.  Not only did Dave not leave early but he left late. He said he'd leave at 4:30.  Then around 5:25 he realized it was not only past 4:30 but that he missed the 5:20 shuttle so he had to wait until 6:20. (There wasn't a shuttle at 4:30 so the earliest he could have left was 5:20 but still.)  It was so awful.

One of the movers commented that he thought it'd be a good week before we were done unpacking and I said "probably more like a month." I think I'll end up being right.

Before James left for the evening he wanted to make sure we had all the boxes. There were some gaps in what I had Xed off. He started looking at the list and saying things like "I know I unloaded this" and then cross it off. I was not liking this. I commented a few times. He claimed we would be able to tell my Xes from his. I was about to have another heart attack. He was going to cross off something that was not delivered and then we would assume it's in storage or in our apartment and not know it's gone. And we'd sign the thing saying we got it all because we're so fed up by the end. I was freaking out. Dave thought I was crazy. Couldn't James have marked his with a check or something or shown me the boxes instead of the assumptions?  Just typing all this has me freaking out again.

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