Monday, July 9, 2012

7.3 - Unpacking

I was at temp housing in the morning and didn't want to leave. I thought for sure I'd have a heart attack with how full our apartment was with boxes. I needed to find some way to start unpacking . Before I left, I was IMing Dave and came up with a few steps.

Step 1: Get the stuff from the coat closet and carry it to the car or to the  storage room (I had been putting things that got carried up but should not have been in the coat closet. This kept everything together that needed to move but also meant nothing that went in the coat closet was in there.)
Step 2: Open coat box and only pull out light weather coats. Then move that box if possible
Step 3: Have a heart attack (I shouldn't have had this step but figured that is what would happen.)
Step 4: Carry a few of the boxes to the car that should go to the storage place and go there to test it out. (I wanted to test out the storage place because I did not want the first time I was there to be when I was with the movers because what if something went wrong.)
I emailed Dave at 10:22 AM saying step 1 was complete.  Then at 11:11, he got another email saying step 2 was done but that I couldn't move the box.  Dave's reply to me was "I hope you're skipping step 3." I responded with "Trying to"
At 12:56 I did step 4. I think step 5 was to start with the main hall bath so that's where I went next.
I was going to go to In N Out for lunch but they were too packed. I didn't know where to go then I was on the wrong side of the 4 lanes of traffic so I thought I'd just turn around in a parking lot. Well I ended up in the Daily Donuts parking lot so I stopped and bought 2 donuts. I was going to have another lunch later but never got to that.  I ate both donuts in the car before leaving the parking lot.]]]]][
At 2:25 I thought I might have time to go get Poly. I made enough room in the master bath for her litter so I went and got her. There was a lot of traffic so it took longer than I thought.  Poly meowed the entire trip. She got to the new apartment and sure explored everywhere. She seemed immediately happy to see all her stuff.   I only had about 2 minutes with her and I had to leave to go to meet the mover at storage.
We met at 4. He wanted to be done by 5 so he could get to a weigh station. He wasn't done until 6.
The only place to sit so far was the bed. The living room furniture had boxes on it or was blocked. Poly and Dave didn't mind just hanging out on the bed beside each other.

I was busy the entire day and felt like I didn't do much at all. I took 3 or so trips to our storage in the basement that helped. I took a few trips to the car. I used to stairs for all trips. Dave got home and after we ate, we were also productive but there were just so many boxes that there was still a ton by the end of the night. I burned 2701 calories according to my BodyMedia fit. If I lounge around all day I burn 1600-1800 and days I run a few miles I'll burn 2200. I registered 6:44 of physical activity.

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