Monday, July 9, 2012


Shirt: NY&Co
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters
Purse: NY&Co
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
I wanted to wear red white and blue but didn't quite have the clothes ready to do that.
Dave and I started our day walking to get donuts. I raved about my 2 the day before so Dave wanted some. We bought a dozen. They give you some free donut holes when you buy donuts.  En route to get donuts a guy in a truck honked at me. Or maybe he honked at Dave since, as Dave put it, he's a catch.  People are so short around here that they trim the trees over sidewalks but they are too low for even me to go under.

The one person we know around here, Hilary, invited us to a BBQ.  We figured we could take a break from unpacking to go. I felt bad not taking anything but without things unpacked and with no working space I had to go empty handed. I did know where paper plates and cups were and said I could take those. Dave joked at me about it. Then we get there and when it was time for cake, they ran out of plates!   It was odd to be at a picnic with healthier food.  There were 8 total of us there. Dave and I showed up last and we left first.  They did this weird thing where they have these climbing ropes rigged up to 2 trees like a tight rope. I thought it was the weirdest thing I ever saw but then later I saw people doing the same thing pictured on some pamphlet.  I didn't try it but hear it is really hard to do.

We left the picnic and went to our temporary housing to pack up all the rest of our stuff. That took a little longer than expected.  We had to get all our food and all that too so it was more than we took into the place.  
We went to In N Out near temp housing since the one by our new apartment is packed. They forgot to give me my shake and I had to ask for it so then the guy filled it extra full.
We cleaned off the couch enough to sit on it. Then we just sat there.  Poly discovered sitting on the ottoman and napped there. Granted she was on the bottom of a flipped up side down ottoman.  I unpacked lamps and 2 were missing pieces.
I took a nap around 7pm.

We set up the TV.

I had donuts in bed.


  1. What healthy food did they have? I usually make healthy food. Junk food costs too much. Since you didn't bring anything, you could invite them over for dinner once you're unpacked. And sent a thank you note.

  2. I thought of sending a thank you note and wished my cards were unpacked. now they are. maybe i should send it now.

    The had steak shish kabobs. The pineapple on them was my favorite part. They had tortilla chips and some salsa or dip or something but it looked healthy. It was on the other side of the table so I'm not sure. I was late so some of the containers were too low to know what all they were but they looked healthy. Now it's been too long and I forget. Even the dessert cake was mainly fruit with some cake under there.