Thursday, July 26, 2012


Necklace: Sears, Shirt: Express, Shorts: Gap, Shoes (shouldn't even count. they ruin the outfit): Amazon
 We got donuts and went to the park to eat them. Man are they good.
We found a Mexican Restaurant. We keep trying to find one like Campecino's. Places around here don't even seem to offer the chips with cheese (or nachos and cheese as Campecino's lists it).  Most have other junk.  Dave really liked this place.  I didn't like the salsa but it is the only time I've ever eaten my entire taco. I had a chicken taco.  The enchilada sauce is a bit different than Campecino's but it could grown on me. It was so spicy for me though but I still liked it. I'd go back.
We drilled holes in the back of the bookshelf so we could get to the outlet. Dave set up his computer and the cords and outlet hole worked out well.
All the empty boxes took up our entire dining room.  The other pictures just show the "progress" that isn't really progress at all.
That Refreshe pop was free. We got a 12 pack free when purchasing 2 packs of oreos that were also on sale. I've been told I need to quit saying pop around here. Well Dave told me that.

The top pictures (near the right) are of the storage unit in the basement here.

How long does it take you to unpack when you move?  Do you just do it all or do you need to take breaks or you'll go insane. I tend to take a lot of breaks. I work for 5 minutes then take a 20 minute break. :)  I also apply for jobs and that isn't quick.


  1. I still say soda even though I live in Pittsburgh. I say you can call it whatever you want. ;)

    1. But I think that's allowed since soda is standard and pop is regional.

    2. Soda is regional too. You can still say pop.

    3. PB didn't conform to Pittsburgh's pop but around here I'm sure people say soda. I just haven't met people yet.

    4. I get made fun of all the time for saying soda in Pittsburgh. :) And it varies throughout the country. In some of the Southern states, they call everything coke instead of soda or pop. Orange coke, root beer coke, etc. Don't ask me what they call actual Coke.

    5. I'm pretty sure I'll get made fun of when I say gum band. I already stopped myself from ordering chipped ham and said shaved.