Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cable Splitter

After work Dave wanted to hook up the computer to cable so he needed his splitter.  He claimed it was on the table.  After a good hour of digging for it everywhere, I decided to consult my pictures to see if I could spot it.
On July 7, the splitter was over where he said it was but it wasn't on the table but on his file cabinet.  You can see it right beside the computer tower.   So that was one picture.  I kept looking to see where it moved to.

On July 8, I see it moved to the top of a box with a bunch of little junk.  You can see it there by the purple water bottle.
Then it wasn't in any pictures on July 9 but made an appearance on July 10.  You can barely see it in that picture but I had a few from a few angles and this one was the cutest of Poly.  It's on the same box but this time different junk is on top of it all.   I could not find any pictures after that date.  I thought about it and the velcro strips are on my desk.  The tape measure and utility knife are put away. I thought maybe it got put in that blue bag.  The blue bag contains the cords that were in my car when we sold it so the Sirius cords but also iPhone charger and such.  I looked in the bag and didn't find it so I thought maybe it fell into the garbage.  The garbage can was right next to this box AND I did find my twizzlers in the trash by mistake.  After going through the entire trash, I figured my photo evidence was no help.  We continued to look in other containers around the room. 

We still couldn't find it.  I told Dave the photo story and told him he could relook in the blue bag. Almost all other places we both looked in the same place.  So he goes to look in the blue bag and actually finds it.  I guess the photo evidence did help but I was just too blind to find it the first time.

Have you ever looked at photos to figure out where something is?  Have you ever taken photos of something when you put it somewhere because you knew you wouldn't be able to find it later?  I took a picture of all the user manuals when I put them in my bookshelf because I figured I'd never find them later.

Does anyone else loose everything while they are moving?

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