Monday, July 9, 2012

More Thoughts

I've gotten so behind with daily posts I figured I'd combine a few things here.
  1. We still don't have a TV hooked up in our apartment. We also don't have our wireless hooked up so my laptop is creating the wireless now so I can't even use it when relaxing in bed.
  2. We have to go back to the storage unit to repack it. Right now the 10x10 unit is full. In addition to that parts are higher than the 8 ft limit.  But it is inefficiently packed.  In addition to that, we have more to go in it and a few things we need are in there. 
  3. This morning I showered and I can't even remember what day I last showered... oh boy.
  4. So far I really have enjoyed being able to walk to dinner, donuts, and to buy milk.
  5. My turquoise shorts stained my skin turquoise so I better remember to wash them separately.  I probably won't though.
  6. I still can't get over how many lanes all the roads have. I guess I better get used to switching lanes around here.  
  7. The amount of U-turns you have to make is crazy too. I'm not used to so many roads being divided. 
  8. Unpacking with someone else is challenging. I have my own flow and sometimes that doesn't work so well. Sometimes I want a break and that doesn't go over well if it doesn't coincide with Dave wanting a break.  Things not having places to go sucks too.
  9. We no longer have a dish towel drawer because there is not enough room and Dave's solution to that was to store all the dish towels in the refrigerator. 
  10. I like waking up to emails because everyone I know is on the east coast but at night I don't like how I don't get any emails the last few hours that I'm awake.
  11. I like how roads are painted with the speed limit by where they have speed limit signs on the edge of the road.
  12. It's shocking how every left turn around here is on a left arrow.  Some of them definitely have the visibility to have a yield on green but none do. 
  13. We hooked up the wireless and we bought a new wireless so that we can plug in all the game systems in the other room. But we still can't get wireless to work in the master bedroom.  It's not like our apartment is huge or anything.
  14. When walking up my stairs for some reason I always walk to the 4th floor. Well not always but maybe half the time. I even read the numbers and see the floor marker on the trash room sign and some how keep walking.
  15. Grocery shopping takes forever when you stop and take pictures of everything.
  16. I've visibly worn my armband more here in less than a month than I did in 2.5 years in Pittsburgh. My tan line makes it look so odd if I don't wear it I figured I might as well keep it on.

1-10 typed on 7/5
11-13 typed on 7/7
14-16 typed on 7/8

What do you think?  What would you like to know about where I am now?  What types of things do you want me to talk about?


  1. Now I want donuts. Yum!

    You have a lot of stuff for just two people. I can't imagine how much you'll aquire once you have a baby lol. That gets ridiculous.

    1. In college people told me I had a lot for one person. It has only gotten worse since. I told Dave we're never buying anything again. Then we bought 2 new small tables. I recently told Dave we're never moving again because moving sucks. But then I realized once we have a baby/kid, we will need more rooms. I guess I can't say we're never moving. I hope to get multiple years out of this place though.

    2. Yep moving SUCKS. But the type A person in me really enjoys unpacking and organizing everything. I love starting with a clean slate.

    3. A clean slate is cool. A bigger clean slate is even better though. A clean slate half the size (or smaller) is the opposite of awesome.