Saturday, July 7, 2012

Progress - Master Bath

We are making some progress with unpacking. It seems to be slow. We also make progress in an area but then when we move onto the next area we move boxes into the area we first cleared out. Sigh.
The 2 pictures above can be considered the before pictures.  They are from the day we got the keys to the apartment and before we moved anything into the apartment at all.

The day after the movers loaded up our house but before we started actually unpacking anything was July 3 and as you can see, there are a lot of boxes.

On July 4, I started unpacking but I'd take stuff out of boxes and put it everywhere. Sometimes this made it worse than the boxes were.
July 6
Here's the bathroom in it's current state.  I'm still missing Dave's electric razor and our electric tooth brushes.  We need a towel rack behind the door so we have spots for our wet towels.  Too bad the only spot for the scale is so close tot he toilet. 

The yellow tablet behind the kleenex holder is where we document our weight until I get a new printout of the chart I used to use to document it. There are also 2 pens there just incase one decides not to work.   

There are 2 soaps that are partially used. One is almost out so we'll finish that one in the next week or so and then use the next one. 

None of the other rooms look as nice as this one.  The dining room has about 20 broken down boxes wedged between the row of chairs and other boxes right now.  The office is awful. The living room has some empty boxes and boxes full of packing paper and many boxes still to be unpacked.  The kitchen has a few boxes to be unpacked too.  The entryway has a box of junk for Goodwill and 2 partial boxes that have to be repacked to go to storage. 

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