Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Dave woke me up around 7:30. I said 10 more minutes and set my timer. Then said 5 more minutes (twice). I slept a little longer.
We went to the post office to pick up our held mail. We went to our post office but that's not where our mail is.  Then we Baja Fresh on the way to the real one. We went to Macy's. We then went to a mall so Dave could try to buy a hoodie at JCP. I bought a new bikini.

We saw Fuddruckers on our way to JCP so we went there on the way back and just shared a small meal since it was 2:30 PM.  We thought of going to a movie but nothing good started any time soon.
We came home and I napped on Dave's shoulder. Then I finally took off my shoes and got under the covers. At 7PM I woke up and then we went to dinner.  We went to Fresh Tomato. It wasn't as good this time.  I didn't eat as much and I think it's because I slept so long that it was like eating in the morning for me.  I never can eat in the morning. I want to but can never eat.

We went to Target after dinner because it was right there. We walk around the entire store just trying to figure out what to buy.

After getting home, I was about to start watching One Tree Hill but Dave wanted to go for a walk so we did that first.  So we walked a half mile before I started my TV watching.

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