Thursday, October 18, 2012

10.14 and 10.15

I started Sunday off being pretty productive.  I was learning. I was doing things at my computer.  Dave and I went to the farmers market and Safeway.

I napped.

It all went downhill once I started watching Nikita.  I continued to watch it all night.  At one point I was even in bed but couldn't sleep so I got out and continued to watch.
Dave woke up at 4 and yelled at me. He woke up and went to work and yelled at me then too. Apparently I'm supposed to sleep.

Around 5pm I started to get tired. At 6, I stopped watching TV and ate dinner with Dave.  He brought home Taco Bell since he drove to work.  I fell asleep watching TV after.  Dave tried to wake me up to be awake when he was home. He was getting mad.  I went to sleep for the night though.

This was my third all nighter in the past month. I only ever had one all nighter before that.

Nikita is a good show. They don't play out a story line to death and changed what they were up to for season 2. It reminds me of Prison Break. They changed the story line and it still fits. I mean with Prison Break you can only break out of Prison so many times.


  1. Still yelling at you and how's your work out goals coming along?

  2. I get yelled at if I don't sleep during normal sleep hours.

    My working out is going better. I will have an update at the end of the month on here. I won't be meeting my goals but I am getting there.