Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I woke up and played Solitaire in bed. I took over a month off without playing it at all so I wasn't very good. I used to win 90% of the games but I think I lost 90%.  Then I watched an episode of Psych.
I went to my computer and did a few things.

I went for a quick run.  I ate lunch. I watched some TV.
I did some cleaning. I did the laundry. I probably watched more TV but can't remember.
At 3:30, I went to the gym. I used the elliptical while reading. Then I lifted weights. Then I went to run a half mile on the treadmill while reading.  It was a little harder to do. I still managed to run at 6.0 mph. I ran before while reading a normal book and I could only go for a minute or 2 before I had to walk because my eyes couldn't take reading such fine print.  At least with a kindel you can make the font larger.  Next time I might even go a little larger.  I only ran a half mile. That was my plan though so it wasn't like I was cutting it short.
I got back showered, and then started cooking dinner.

I made roasted potatoes and hot dogs. I also heated up some beef thing for Dave (some refrigerator prepackaged meal type deal).  (Dave filled up the gas tank on his way home from work.) We watched Rachel Maddow and then the Last Word.    Then I watched the Mentalist. I didn't remember anything that happened last year so I rewatched the season finale before watching the first episode of this year.   I wanted to watch a 2nd episode but I decided to go to my computer and do another chapter in my programming book.

Workout clothes: Tank: Kohl's, Carpis: Target
Normal outfit: Shorts: American Eagle, Top: Express, Sandals: Kohl's


  1. This sounds like an active, good day! Awesome! I am jealous of your workout.

    (Although: Last night I went to the gym and did leg presses - 10/70lb., 5/90lb., 10/110lb.!)

    1. It was a good workout which is probably why I chose to blog about the day.

      That's good. I don't have a leg press machine here :(

    2. Bummer. I am feeling a little sore this afternoon, but overall, not bad from it.

  2. I like the picture of you in the workout clothes. You look like you can take on the world.

    1. Thanks. The picture was just my daily picture just in case I never got dressed for real that day. It was seconds before I went out to exercise.
      BTW the stripes on my capris are orange and white. I didn't mean to match but when I saw the picture I thought it was funny.