Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10.4 - Kindle Presentation

 Necklace: Target, Shirt and Jeans: F21, Sandals: Kohl's
The pants are too big in the waist/butt area but are good in the thighs. The tightness in the thighs helps hold them up.  I also wore a belt and tried to wear a shirt that would hide it. I only wore these for a couple hours and by the end they were really big. They were freshly washed and dried and only put on minutes before these pictures so they didn't have time to stretch out as bad as they were at the end of the 4 hours.
I only wore these pants 1 other time and that time I got Marsala sauce on them. I tried many things and washed them many times and the stain just didn't time out. I gave them one more try about a week ago and it finally came out.
I woke up before 9 and had quite a few emails.  Lately I haven't been getting any so it was nice to have some from some real people.  I watched a little TV.  I made some phone calls.  I did some things on my to-do list.  I went for a run at 11:30.

I ate lunch. I ate a lot because nothing is satisfying me anymore so I keep eating and eating trying to be satisfied and I'm not. (I also gained 5 lbs.) I cleaned the bathrooms. I even cleaned the mirrors. The tub we haven't used yet is all dusty so I should probably wipe that down but I didn't. 
I did laundry.  I actually put it away. I've had laundry in the clean clothes laundry basket for weeks and I never get to the socks at the bottom. Well I did a lot of those.

I went to Google to meet 2 of Dave's coworkers, then we ate dinner there.  I stressed over what to wear because now that I leave the house so infrequently I don't know what people wear.  Then I went to this RPI presentation.  One of the creators of Kindle spoke. We went around the room to introduce ourselves and said our name, major, year of graduation, and when you came to California. Another guy was there from 2006 and I recognized him.  I was going to go talk to him after but he disappeared when I was signing in. I think the oldest person graduated in 63.  It was actually a quick 2 hours. Usually I'd be fighting falling asleep by the end but I couldn't believe all the time had passed. It was more of a Q&A and I enjoyed that. He also passed around a few things too.

I watched TV after I got home for a few hours.


  1. You look super cute!

    It's cool that you got out to meet some people.

    1. Thanks. I was worried I'd be hot in my jeans + 3/4 sleeves but in the shade it was quite chilly. I guess I can't win.

      I met 2 people. 1 of them said she wants to be my friend yet she doesn't email me back. Then Dave called her out on not emailing me back and she still didn't email me back.