Monday, February 25, 2013

2.21 - Doctor

I keep wearing this shirt because my purse is red and I'm too lazy to change it.
Shoes: Famous Footwear (Connie) as the day goes on they seem to stretch and my heel flops out of them
Shirt: Limited
Pants: JCP
Necklace: Sears
Earrings: Target (or Kohl's I forget)
I had to wake up bright and early to drive Dave to work.  I was up before 7:30. We left the house by 8. On the way home, I stopped and bought a dozen donuts.  I was all excited to get donuts then I got home and got my glass of milk and only managed to eat 1 donut in 3 hours.

I watched some TV and ate donuts for lunch.  Poly hung out on my lap while I ate my donuts.  

I dug through old paperwork to find old blood work and went to a doctor appointment. I scanned in all my old bloodwork so now I have it electronically. It sure sucked scanning 1 page at a time to scan 21 pages.  I got a new doctor around here. I decided to get one before I'm in desperate need of one. I'm not sick or anything so it was a good time to go to a new place.  The doctor like my family medical history file. She added everything into my chart and man there was a lot.
After the doctors I used my computer a little and then went to watch a TV show.  While I was at my computer, Poly kept waging her tail. After 10 minutes of it, I looked outside and saw she was watching a bird.
Dave wanted to come home early so I went early to pick him up. I even had to leave in the middle of my Criminal Minds episode. And I had to wake Poly up and move her off my lap.

We went to a restaurant on Castro Street for dinner. I wasn't very hungry since I had eaten a few donuts  at 4 when I was watching TV.
After we got home, I did some coding for Ruby. As soon as Dave went to sleep, I turned on the TV and started watching some shows. Our hard drive is full from all the shows we record so I need to watch some of the backlog. I don't have much backlog but shows Dave and I watch have a severe backlog.   I was pretty tired because I slept for 5 hours and didn't sleep well. Poly was hogging the bed and I kept thinking I'd bother her so I'd wake myself up to make sure I wasn't in her way. Because she was hogging I was also closer to the middle so Dave rolled on me a few times.


  1. I forget, have you watched the show Dexter? We are obsessed. I am freaking out waiting for the last season to premier this June.

    Love those red shoes. I love Famous Footwear, too. I notice you buy a lot of shoes from there.

    1. We do watch Dexter but are a season behind. I think we owned them but maybe it was Netflix. It's been awhile (before we moved) since we last watched it though.

      Thanks. I don't think Famous Footwear is as cool around here but in PA it was my goto place. I think DSW might be the replacement here. The store is so big that I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for when I go.