Monday, March 25, 2013


I woke up and watched Scandal. I coded in Ruby while watching. Then I watched Psych and a few other shows once I caught up on Scandal.  I made a Turkey melt or grilled turkey and cheese for lunch.

I vacuumed the master bedroom floor. I needed to vacuum but Poly was on top of a box that I had to move. I decided to pick up the box with her on it and put it on the bed. She stayed on it too. She only got off of it when I got too close to her with the vacuum then she ran to the living room.

I went swimming and running.

I picked up Pizza Hut for dinner.  Dave and I watched Golden Boy. We love that show. We had 5 episodes and watched them in 3 days. That's quick when I have to watch a show with Dave.

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