Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 14 of Half Marathon Training (3.18-3.24)

Previous Summaries 
Planned Mileage: 5, 5, 4, 5 (for a total of 19 miles) (but since skipped long runs on Week 13 I am going to try for 3, 6, 3, 11 like I should have done last week)

Monday: I meant to do my long run. I did run/walk with Dave for about a mile. 

Tuesday: I went for a speed workout. I was going to do a tempo run but couldn't keep up so I changed it to mile repeats. My goal time for the repeats was the time that my middle 4 miles should have averaged. Man was it hard. Lately all my running workouts are miserable. I don't know why they are so hard.  My original goal was 10 minute warmup, 9 minute pace middle 4 miles, 10 minute mile cooldown. I didn't quite do it. Then I updated my goal to 10 minute pace for all recovery and 9 min for fast 3 miles. I was still 40 seconds too slow for that.  My mile repeat pace should have been 8:35 or so if I was setting out to do mile repeats from the start. I was far from that.  Why am I falling apart so bad? 

I did an ab workout in the evening. 

Wednesday: I did abs and some weights for my legs.

Thursday: I went swimming. I only swam 1/4 mi. I consistently swam 4 lengths then took 12 breaths break then repeat. I started off doing more freestyle.  Then I thought of doing 1 length freestyle, 1 length breaststroke, 1 length backstroke, then switched up the 4th length but meant to do freestyle.  It took less than 15 minutes to swim. I wish I had a better way to time myself swimming. 

After 45 minutes I went for a run. I was going to do 5 miles but it was just too difficult. I cut the run short. 

Later in the evening I did abs then did some upper body weights. 

Friday:  I biked to and from Google. It was about 14 total miles. We went slow on purpose but I was still sweaty. 

Saturday: Dave and I went to Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve and hiked about 5 miles. Downhill was sure a lot easier.

Sunday:  I took a rest day. My glutes were quite sore from the hike up the mountain. I thought I'd do my long run close to dusk but then decided not to. I decided to do my long run on Monday instead so it was like this week. (I did do that run but I'll post it in the week with the correct day even thought I sort of counted it for this week)

Total Running Mileage: 9.53 mi (10.64 if you count the run/walk with Dave)
Total Biking Mileage: 13.71 mi
Total other things: a few walks (including a hike up a mountain),  1 swim, some weights, 3 core workouts.

Summary: I slacked off yet again. At least I did some weights. The hike up the mountain was tough. Running hills is tough too. Both of those things make me realize why my butt was a lot more fit back in PA. I didn't realize how much hills help that. At least I finally biked. I also swam once. I finally did some weights. I guess this was a pretty well rounded week. Maybe I wasn't such a slacker. 

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