Saturday, August 17, 2013

21 Weeks (Aug 17)

We bought a crib or maybe that was last weekend. I know last week's post was delayed so now I get all confused.  Oi I did mention it last week even though it shouldn't have been. The crib is from Buy Buy Baby. The guy there filling out the paperwork asked if we had a coupon. We did not but Dave mentioned he didn't know they had coupons. The guy said you sign up online and get a 20% off coupon. So we did that in the store from Dave's phone and then saved 20%.  I just looked on their website to get a pic of the crib we ordered and it's not listed so I guess you will have to wait to see it. We did make sure it was sturdy and a better wood. Some cheap ones weren't sturdy and had a very soft wood. Beyond that almost all cribs look the same. We had to get one ordered since apparently all cribs aren't in stock and you have to wait 8-12 weeks for it.

You know a positive about being pregnant is people don't give you a hard time when you don't drink booze. It's actually quite nice to not be sassed about it. Baby in belly is perfect excuse.

So many things below are the same as last week or the week before too so I tried to note that and just left the text the same.
Size of baby: Carrot, 10.5 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 10.5 oz but as of 2 weeks ago my baby already weighed 11 oz. I decided to look up another site today just to see and a site said for week 20 the baby weighs between a half a lb to a lb which is a bigger range but then for 21 weeks it also said 10.5 oz. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  4.7 lb gain overall. I gained 0.8 in the past week.  I wish I had more time to update my weight graph that is linked on this blog to just see the overall increase and stuff.  I guess I'll have time in another month.

Maternity Clothes:  I wore maternity clothes everyday but 1. I wore my Dev Bootcamp Shirt on that day with a pre-pregnancy cami underneath just in case it wasn't long enough.

Gender: Girl!

Movement: I felt movement 2 or 3 times this week which was about the same number of times as last week. 

Sleep: The same as the past 3 weeks! I've come home early this past week a little to get to sleep earlier and I did a little bit. But I also haven't been falling asleep on the train in the morning. I've been so exhausted this week that I haven't been able to code past 10 PM and just catch up on email or attempt to start falling asleep.
The same exact as last week. I have been sleeping on the train a little more this week. But I've been working less!My lack of sleep is not baby related. I'm so exhausted this past week. I slept about 6 hours a night with adjusting to Dev Bootcamp and 4 hours traveling a day!

What I miss: Same as last week. I do also kind of miss lunch meat. I barely had any for the first year of living here but lunch meat would be super nice when I'm at DBC all the time.  

Being able to go almost all day without having to go to the bathroom. I'm not liking this every couple hours thing.
Cravings: Nothing yet.  When do these usually start?

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: Getting lightheaded a few times but nowhere near as bad as the first trimester.  I've also walked and biked a lot more and faster and haven't had belly pains like I did in the past.

Best moment this week:  I'm not even sure. Perhaps just looking more pregnant so people can actually tell I'm pregnant by looking at me.

Looking forward to:  Same as last week (next paragraph) + seeing what Dave does to the nursery. Apparently he's setting it all up and I don't get a say. I wonder what colors he's even using. I do know what the crib will be and that's it.

Getting more sleep. But I probably should have something else that I'm looking forward to, too. 

Exercise:  All 5 days I biked to the train station, walked from DBC to train station, and then biked home.  I use Strava but sometimes I forget to turn it off. My plantar fasciitis doesn't constantly hurt this week but I wore good shoes everyday. Too bad good shoes aren't cute.  I want some sort of shoe or boot to wear with leggings to start wearing the ones I bought. People suggested leggings while pregnant and I bought them so I want to get the cost per wear down. Oi I got off topic from exercise.  I haven't done yoga this week or done the "mandatory exercise" at DBC. It's not enforced and I do enough exercise for me so I figure I'm good. I need lunch time to eat. This week I realized eating took me a full hour twice. I don't know how people shovel their food in their mouths to eat in like 5 minutes. I'm always jealous of them. 
If you want to see more than just the side profile, here are a few I took today.

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