Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 5, Day 1

I can't believe how far into the course I am. In some ways it seems like just yesterday that I started and in other ways it seems like so long ago.

We had our first group presentations. I thought we had it planned who would say what but someone took over before I thought my part was done. We only had 8 minutes to fully present so I think we were itching to get done. The teacher took notes during to give us feedback. I am anxiously waiting those. I actually want feedback on both how we presented and on the program itself.  I feel like I learned a lot on the group project but am glad to be done.

Today we worked with jquery. My pair and I did all the required challenges which has been rare for me later. I actually did all the jquery prep but still would have spent more time refreshing my memory at the start than I had to today because my partner remembered.  We even made our racer game race pictures of us instead of just racing a cell in a table.

I got a 10 minute chair message. I think they are offered every 3 weeks but last time I didn't sign up before the slots were full.
I'm so tired.   I stopped at Whole Foods on my way to the train station and got chicken and rice for dinner. It was good. A nice change of pace.  So many people were getting food. Some ate it there. I'm not sure if anyone in line was actually buying groceries.  Whole Foods is on my direct route and it still added 15 minutes. I'll have to keep that in mind. I don't usually have that much time to spare. I even bought a fancy drink. So I ended up spending $13. I only ate half so now I have some leftovers.

I worked for over an hour at home and after I write this post I may still continue to work. I did tell Dave he should help me and teach me things but he fell asleep here beside me.

Ever since I started walking to the train station at the end of the day my days have gotten a lot less annoying with public transportation.  Too bad that involves a lot more walking and my plantar fasciitis is so bad. Also too bad it's getting dark as I walk and I'd rather it be more daylight.


  1. You've just got one week left, right?

    That chicken/rice looks so good. I love those odwalla drinks, too. But yes definitely pricey and a special treat :)

    1. Nope. I'm in my 5th week out of 9 but could be out of 12.

      Well Whole Foods doesn't have much drink option so I just went with it.

    2. Oh for some reason I was thinking it was 6 weeks not 12. Well at least you're halfway there!

    3. It is hard to remember about everyone else's life.

      It's 9 weeks minimum. There's an optional Phase 4 for another 3 weeks. Also there is a possibility of repeating phases. so then it could be longer. You can only repeat a phase 1 time so I guess max you could be here is 21 weeks (i'm assuming you can't repeat phase 4 since it's not a structured thing and there is no assessment or anything.)